Bitcoin USD 30,000 - Some considerations for HIVE & LEO communities

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Well, the cat is out of the bag. 30K was quite announced. If it can hold it, the movement to 35K will be smooth.

What happens now?

The lack of noise in Traditional Media tells us that this time big players keep accumulating in silence. You will hear lots of maximalist laughing at alts, posting the Bitcoin Dominance %, etc. etc. However, after every BTC high always comes an alt pump...

If you sell, lets say, 0.1 BTC that you have bought at $15K making a 100% in a 3 months run, You want to divest earnings on projects that you think that :

a) Are legit - You look for projects that have been around some time, with a proven record of good governance and strong community.
b) Have potential - A crypto project with good properties, nice tokenomics, future plans laid and a clear roadmap that keeps getting filled relentlessly
c) Are undervalued - No question that when you see jokes as XRP , BSV or ADA in the top 20, you are able to identify half a dozen of projects with a low market cap and a pending price discovery when you check dapps, daily users, number of active nodes and daily value volume and weekly transactions.

When you use this three above filters, not many options are left in the table. For me, they are clearly $HIVE and $LEO .

In a few months we will see if I need to review this post.

Thanks for reading!


Loved reading this. I think BTC won't stop quickly though, It might reach 35K before starting to go down.

...I think this post could use some formatting to look prettier though~

Thanks! We hold also that target. 35k looks like a decent local top.
About formatting, sorry! I just wanted to say quickly what was going through my mind; maybe the next time the best format for this quick takes will be to make a thread

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I said about formatting just because I thought a simple bold text and line breaks could make it more readable, it's still good as is!

I did it on Hive blog... I still don't know the ecosystem well. I think that posting it in LEO finance it would have been WYSIWYG , I used line breaks but as you said it apparently didn't appear so. Well, always learning...

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I don't know if any of them has WYSIWYG interface but if it'll help I'll link all markdown syntax to you:

Learning it is useful because many websites use markdown. Not only Hive related ones.