Hive Success story: Half way to being free of debt and still loads of wealth left!

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Hive success!

This past month I have so far withdrawn £1421.61 worth of my HIVE in order to clear my credit card debts once and for all.

This is a great success for me. Without hive I would likely be taking another year or two putting 100% of my disposable income into clearing debt as fast as possible. Naturally this leave nothing for myself other than the essentials.

But now I can pretty much clear everything by the END OF THE YEAR! and have tons of wealth to spend on more imporant things like deposits on a house or something.

Almost all of my HIVE is from post rewards, made via streaming on @vimm and other more generalized posts.

I am so incredibly grateful for all the support everyone has given me over the years.

The future of hive is looking very bright, We've got amazing things coming up that will be here by the end of the year (probably) as well as many other amazing projects that will add even more value to hive.

I truly think I'll be able to buy a house at some point with just the value of my HIVE tokens and that will probably be the best moment in my life.

Hive has been a great success for me. I'd like to see others write about their success storys too, we need more of those. :D #hivesuccess could be the tag everyone can use. I donno, have at it.

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Nice! I hope to be free of credit card debt at some point

This is such an inspiring story. I've been in Hive for several months now and I must say that I'm earning enough for me to live on a daily basis. Hive is very helpful to us and with the support of our communities and friends that met here, it'll only keep getting better!

I'm hoping to reach that level at some point, the bar is a lot higher here in the UK though.

Yeah. I understand that the way of living there is a bit expensive compared to other countries.

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