Helicopter money powering the crypto bull?

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Apparently the helicopter money has been dropped onto the USA
And at the same time crypto prices start climbing again...
..this is very obviously not what the FED and US Gov wanted to achieve, but hey.. this is how the digital world 2.0 works now..

So US helicopter money for all crypto investors world wide.. ;-)

for sure this correlation would be a hard one to prove.. but if you think about it.. what do you do if you are still employed, still get your paycheck and you do not want or are not able to spend it on travel or fashion? You might want to put it aside for even worse times to come, pay back credit card debt or you invest it. While nearly every working US citizens has his 401k - and by that is already exposed to the equity market - he might buy more shares, some will buy gold and silver.. but few have crypto.. and there are those young people who just start their investments at all with this extra helicopter money.. maybe even not having 401ks.. so IMHO we could very well see a direct inflow from helicopter money into crypto...



For someone that's not from the US, what's that helicopter money?

you can read about it in the link from @edicted above..
most US taxpayers will receive a 1,200 USD stimulus check.. just free money...

per month or one time airdrop?

haha, no, only one time airdrop

but they are talking about $2000 a month until the "crisis" ends.
probably just false hype.

that's a lot of money, we don't get a cent in here...

Romania, Eastern Europe...

hmm.. you never know.. maybe the EU will introduce something over there, too

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