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RE: "Hive inside" - rather Intel than Motorola

in #hive2 months ago

Certainly not. It's not a matter of blockchains but of applications. A successful application on top of, say, Avalanche or Celo which abstracts the blockchain well and make the user forget about the complexity can leapfrog the Hive built-in accessibility advantage


Agree if we have some kind of soft wallet ( for easy onboarding and small transactions only).

As long hive only has the full wallet solution, it is hard for me to imagine how this can become easier to use for applications.

For example a game. 1 key 1 wallet would be like an old school installation with a game key.

Easy. Could be locally encrypted so it would be semi-safe and the user never needs to touch it again ( sure backup, but for use).

Also the onboarding fee on scale is something that slows down at some point.

IMO first it need to become more accessible than we see cool dapps :)