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RE: Open Standard for a HIVE Account Referral System

in #hive5 months ago

Ok, How will this match with the Splinterlands referring system?
We rathere would bring the HIVE new users (their new accounts) through the game registration, and the second - to bring them to the social-media)


If Splinterlands devs support this open standard, this could work very well on top of their referral system.

All they have to do is, passing the custom_json object by, when an account is created.

If a Splinterlands player decides to get social on a HIVE interface, everything is set and Splinterlands create an extra income stream while they would act as a creator and provider.

Ok, we hope someone from your team will negotiate with the Splinterlands team)

Since it's an open standard - anyone can make use of it - without any permission.

I'am sure they will be interested - maybe not right now, since they HIVE migration will take their full attention.