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The News

It has been another rocky week in crypto. A nervous market has sent prices downwards again, but $HIVE is not losing too much ground against $BTC. 'The other coin' is still tracking it around 10c lower. The fact is that our $HIVE is worth a lot more than a few months ago and anything you earn now could gain in value. I see no point in being less active based on the current price when I cannot power it all down immediately. I do not intend to sell yet anyway.

My own plot from @coingecko data

Some sort of collaboration between Hive and Telos is being looked at. I do not know much about the latter, but we should be open to working with other blockchains to add value.

The trending pages are being dominated by posts about Hive projects. The big accounts need to support more of the sort of content that would attract a general audience. The crypto geeks are a tiny minority.

Friday Followings

I have been hearing some cool music on Hive and that does not always get the appreciation it deserves. People talk about the effort they put into writing a post, but composing and recording a song, plus making a video could take far longer. I know rewards do not have to correspond to effort, but you should vote on what you enjoy.

  • @basilmarples has a cool video for an original song with a fun sentiment. He has invited me to come and perform at his place and I will have to look into getting there.
  • @acguitar1 has also made a video for his own song that is very creative.
  • @rthelly ran 100km in 24 hours. Much as I enjoy running that is beyond what I could imagine doing. The event sounds fun as you can do whatever distance you want.
  • @nathen007 is also doing #FolowFriday posts.
  • The whisky/whiskey/bourbon community is getting more posts lately.

The Doghouse

This week we had a case of impersonation that was confusing at first. An introduction post by @neiryna appeared to have been copied by @missalchemist, but investigation by @livinguktaiwan revealed that the original was on 'the other place' and had been verified as being by an Instagrammer with 13k followers. People got her to verify that she had created the matching Hive account. Meanwhile the fake had clocked up a lot of rewards. Those have now been removed and I doubt we will see further activity there. This is the sort of fraud we are likely to see more of as Hive grows and it becomes more lucrative to post here. We need to be vigilant.

Real vs fake. Spot the difference

Some other bad behaviour I just spotted was on a comment that replied to a certain comment spammer. The comment got a load of tiny downvotes from some accounts that look designed to get a reaction. They may not have a significant effect on reputation or rewards, but this could flood notifications and statistics sites with data you do not what to see. We may need the dapps to apply filters. peakd does not show votes below a threshold, but it does show these downvotes as negative upvotes.

Junk votes

The End

I would hope we can see some further improvement for $HIVE and activity on Hive over the rest of this year. We have so many great dapps to appeal to a wide audience. I know it can be initially confusing, but once people have set up Hive Keychain they can easily log into most of them. Not everyone wants to read or write long blogs, so other content should be appreciated for what value it gives. Just keep it original.

I will be compiling another #BritList soon. Let me know of people I may have missed and give a nudge to any UK Hivers who have been inactive later.

Hive five!


Fighting abuse on Hive is a team effort, credit goes to @jcrodriguez and @cwow2 for reaching out to the user on Instagram to verify her identity. Some people may see our effort as not welcoming new users, hopefully they will understand why we remain vigilant as we are.

Definitely. I think those who work on this need more appreciation.


@livinguktaiwan! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @steevc.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (3/10)

yes! That goes for all musical hivies who might find themselves in the east of england! Come record a song with me : )

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:) thanks for the shout. I’ll see you there next September yes?

Maybe :)

Big Thanks for the shoutout and your support @steevc! i o u one more ;)

Do you have a site you recommend for converting DEC from splinterlands into Hive?

You can extract your DEC to Hive Engine where you can sell it for SWAP.HIVE. You can then get that into your regular wallet using Bee Swap. That only charges 0.25% compared to 1% by Hive Engine itself.

Are you enjoying the game?

Yeah, it's a fun way to kill time in between tasks at work, and I truly appreciate the cards you've lent me, I have enough options to learn how to play, rather than being forced to play the same team over and over again

I was intrigued by the news about TELOS and HIVE at first. Now it doesn't seem as big of a deal. As many people pointed out the post was a lot of fluff with absolutely zero substance. Likely it got a ton of upvotes too. That kind of stuff is concerning.

I think people will cling to anything hopeful, but we do get a few announcements with no real substance. That post has not got massive rewards, but then they were declined. More of the big accounts should do that as they get a lot anyway.


Yeah, that is a good point. I am starting to be happy that most of my post rewards are kind of middle of the road. Keeps me off the radar from the people who mistakenly feel posts are over valued.

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It's sad if people are worried about making too much, but we are supposed to use our votes (up or down) for a better distribution of rewards. Many are scared to downvote anything.

I think if you are consistently getting high rewards and your stuff isn't that great then okay, but I think far too many new users are getting that first big upvote and then bam it gets crushed. People aren't going to want to stay when stuff like that happens. I get everyone can vote how they want and everyone has the right to dispute post rewards, but when you don't even give someone a chance it is just bad for the platform.

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Hey @bozz, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

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