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I join hive the last few days,and am so glad even if am still trying to get used too and learning more about hive. Personally I have been able to think about more educationally.
Alot of news to enlarge human spirit and knowledge also to make
Towards the next generation, A0 new kind of neural interface system that coordinate the activity of hundreds of tiny brain censors could one day deepen the brain and lead to new medical therapies.
Reserch has that a key step, one that employs a coordinated network of independent, wireless microscale neural censors,each about the size of a grain of salt to record and stimulate brain activity.
The result of research about the Nature electrons, demonstrateting the use of nearly 50 such autonomous neurograins to record neural activities in a rodent.= Results states that science is a step towards a system that would one day enable the recording of brain signals in unprecedented details,leading to new insight of how the brain works and new therapies for people with brain or spinal defect.
The goal of the reserch was to demonstrate that the system could record neural signals from a living brain which in our case study is that of a rodent. It was placed as 48 neurograins, on the animal's cerebral cortex,the outer layer of the brain and successfully recorded characteristic neural signals associated with spontaneous brain activity.
The test carried out also tested the device ability to stimulate the brain as well as record from it. Stimulation is done by tiny electrical pulses that can activate neural activities.The stimulation is driven by the same hub that coordinate neural recording and could one day restore brain function to injury or illnesses.
Animal brain sizes limited reserch to 48 neurograins for the study,but the data suggests that the current configuration of the system could support up to 770neurograins. Theoretically, the envision scaling up to many thousand of neurograins, which will provide a currently unattainable picture of brain activity.
Our hope is that we are able to develop a system that provide new scientific insight into the brain and new therapies that can help people affected by devastating injury.