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RE: So, what does it do?

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1: True account ownership
2: One account, many services/front ends
3: Censorship resistance
4: Communities
5: No algorithmic manipulation like Twitter or Facebook
6: Public code / Open systems
7: Community driven
8: NFT System
9: Innovative
10: Wordpress Integration

Let me know how I can help. If I can, I will.


This is awesome.

I’d like to know how you use it on a daily basis too?
Like what apps? Phone or desktop?
Do you play games? Do you gamble?

I’ll let you know how I might need a hand for sure!
Thanks dude

I use PeakD to manage my communities, Ecency for mobile writing. I am starting to use Keychain for my mobile experience a little more on the phone. Definitely ise Keychain on desktop and laptop to login. Keychain makes it so much easier to experience Hive. I enjoy using D.Buzz for fun, quick posts. I have Hive integrated into my Worpress powered blog.

I do not use the video services here like 3Speak or DTube much. I prefer DTube’s UI more than 3Speak but neither work for me at the moment. I much prefer LBRY/Odysee video and embedding those videos into Hive posts.

I don’t gamble or play many games, though I have been tempted to at least try Splinterlands.

Very similar looking experience to me really. Splinterlands is outside my sphere of interest but it’s awesome what it’s doing for the community.
Keychain is fantastic on desktop. Not used it on mobile tho even though I’ve got the app downloaded.
That’s a good overview.

There used to be an app on St**m called MagicDice, where you could gamble your Steem on a really simple betting site. Guess higher or lower kind of game. It was ace! Sadly it packed up and stole a load of crypto. Cool concept though!
Wish HIVE has something similar. It was very popular.

It’s occurring to me over the last few months that Hive is an entertainment crypto. Everything about the platforms are geared toward keeping you entertained. Blogs, videos, games, communities - it’s all exciting. It’s not a coin that just sits in a wallet doing fuck all. It’s use is incredible, for entertainment purposes. I think that element needs to be pushed.

If I may suggest something, I'd like to offer a format. I've been editing some product videos and they've got this good format where they talk about a single aspect of their product for 15 seconds. It has a host so it's more explanatory in format, but something like this could help break the ideas up to make them more shareable, and by breaking it up into a hyper focused 15 seconds it allows them to be digestible for the average person.

Yeah man that’s really cool. Do you have any shareable examples?

Here is a longer version of the short vids I cut. The 15 second ones haven't been released yet. Derrick, the host, says "a few things" which was copy that eventually got changed to "one thing".

This is fantastic, really slick!
I can see how 15 sec cutdowns would work really nice from that format.
Awesome man.
Why don’t I see you share stuff like this more often in the community? It’s great work!

Thanks. I appreciate that. Part of the problem was the whole branding thing. Also, that’s the only one they’ve released that I know of. I JUST uploaded about a dozen finished vids last week so there will be more to share. I don’t really think of myself as an editor even though I have the skills. I do enjoy it though. Wouldn’t mind editing a feature again.