Airdrop Proposals: My Stance

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The Story of the Hive Launch

I think it's fair to say that the launch of Hive on Friday, March 20th, 2020, was quite the challenge for a lot of people, incl. myself.

Everybody involved worked tirelessly to stick with the deadline of the planned launch; & making sure it would go as smoothly as possible. But even afterward, the work was far from done - new code had to be written, libraries had to be updated, exchanges had to be contacted, social media accounts had to be created, managed & shared, etc, etc.

It would have been great to have more time than 1-2 weeks to prepare for the launch, but based on the hostile situation on Steem, there was simply no way around than to launch the chain ASAP. And in hindsight, I think that was a very smart move.

Why am I writing all of this? Well, this story is important to understand why the Airdrop rules were as they were and why certain individuals were excluded from it/didn't receive their HIVE.

Now, whether you agree with it or not; the decision was made, but to allow things to change, there are now 3 proposals to be voted on by stakeholders, such as yourself.

Airdrop Proposals

There's a great announcement post explaining everything related to the proposals:

But basically, the proposals are as follows:

There are three related proposals for the community to vote on:

  • Hive Secondary Airdrop: No Additional Airdrops.
    • By voting for this proposal, you are voting against airdropping Hive funds to any account that is being considered by the community for a secondary drop. This proposal shows support for continuing forward with the distribution that was established during the first block of the Hive blockchain, and for not changing or adding any new airdrops going forwards.

My Stance

Quite frankly, I don't find it easy to determine who should receive airdrops, but what I dislike about the first two proposals (individual & proxy) is that in both lists, there are going to be people rewarded who are actively, publicly & vocally AGAINST Hive (and/or what Hive stands for)

Of course, there are also people on those lists, who made a mistake by setting a proxy to an account who voted for the sockpuppets, but does this justify to reward people who have the same mindset that gave people like myself and others a reason the need to create Hive?

And worst of all, some of those are even supporters for the v0.22.8888 SF on Steem that froze 17 Million STEEM.

There is a huge difference between not awarding people with an airdrop of a NEW CURRENCY (HIVE) and freezing the stake of an OLD CURRENCY (STEEM).

Would you be willing to award people with HIVE who believe that it 's okay & the right thing to do to steal private property of individuals? Before you might cry out: "But you did the same with freezing Steemit Inc ninjamined stake." No. That stake is not like any other stake; it was "ninja-mined" (like a pre-mine) and always supposed to be used for the greater good of Steem - i.e. paying for development, marketing, etc.; not to be sold for personal gains of Scott. Also, the freezing was done as we had no real knowledge about the intentions of Sun post-purchase.


To sum it up: I've voted for the Hive Secondary Airdrop: No Additional Airdrops proposal.

This does not mean that I'm not in favor of rewarding the airdrop based on an individual basis - which means: please, create individual proposals if you didn't receive your airdrop. If your slate is clean and you didn't participate in the active slandering of Hive, etc, then there should be no reason to not award you with an airdrop. But, if you believe that Sun is the ultimate overlord and whatever he does is right (even freezing the private property of stakeholders), then no thanks.



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I tend to agree with your approach but will these accounts still be able to put forward a personal proposal to allow them to request airdrop or will voting option 3 mean that this is off the table?
How many account are we actually talking about here?

Based on his summary, I would say that individual proposals are not off the table. I mean, they can't stop someone from making a proposal, right?

Very true but would the wording of 'no additional Airdrops' mean that what they would be asking for be exempt?

Yeah, but the actual post says that you will be able to support individual proposals that may arise.

Ah, I only saw this particular post now. Thanks for the clarification. I think I am leaning towards this proposal.

I am right there with you on all of this and am of the same mindset (minus doing any dev work) and I also voted for the Hive Secondary Airdrop: No Additional Airdrops. The only person that I feel should maybe receive an airdrop is @steemchiller but obviously they made the choices that they made and that is wholly on them.

EDIT: Given new information... FUCK @steemchiller!!!

steemchiller showed their colours, he is in favour of JS and in fact he is now #1 witness on the other chain.

IMO he deserves nothing.

Oh I had no idea about that. I was thinking back to when the launch first happened! Thanks for informing me. Yeah fuck that guy then!!!!!


ok, edit, #2 right now.

Look at this post if you need further evidence that he's now a JS disciple.


Hey, @empoderat, @jacobpeacock.

Unless the list got amended again, there's already one before these that have been deemed mistakes due to the algorithm used to choose the accounts to not airdrop in the first place. As far as I know, steemchiller is already in line to receive the airdrop, regardless of his current witness status on STEEM.

That said, I think there's more animosity between him and those who are witnesses here and/or movers and shakers behind the scenes than there is a hatred for HIVE and what it's supposed to stand for. That's my own opinion, based on other posts, comments steemchiller has made over the years. That's not to excuse any more recent behavior on his part, but to provide further context to a situation that I think is more complex and nuanced in quite a few more cases than people want them to be.

Here's the link to the post where the mistake list was published.

I double checked the proposal lists and he's not on either of them, so I'm pretty sure he's to be included on the mistake list.

Thanks @glenalbrethsen, I didn't remember that fact.

I agree that the matter it's very complex, but in my eyes he's playing both sides here. As a witness he's agreeing to freeze top stakeholder funds just to satisfy Justin and for the witness rewards.

Quite nasty, as their proposal (pre-fork drama) received some funding I remember. After that he refuses to port the app to hive? Congrats. Double moral & standards here.

I'm going to STFU. I'm sorry for the early morning rant.

Thanks again :)

Hey, @empoderat.

Okay to rant, early morning or not. I'm finding myself doing it a little more these days than I would prefer, too. :)

Yeah. I haven't been able to reconcile the whole freezing of accounts, temporarily or otherwise since the former STEEM and now mostly current witnesses did it shortly after the takeover of Steemit Inc. by Sun back in February, and I thought I read something from steemchiller that he was pledging not to do that. So, as I said, his actions lately are things he's accountable for.

re: funding

Well, that's at least where part of the feud persisted, if not began. The SPS is an odd duck if you're not used to having funding one day and none the next, and that's basically what happened. And mainly because steemworld wasn't open source.

I guess I sound like I'm defending him, and I suppose to some degree I am, mainly because steemworld has been the best, in my opinion, data and all around utility tool STEEM ever had. Beyond that, I don't know him, and can't tell what his true intentions are other than what his words and actions say.

As I said, though, I think it's more to do with his personality, and those behind the creation of HIVE, more than philosophical differences of decentralization. It's a shame, but he does have some blame in that, as well as the rest, and I doubt either side is going to recognize their parts in it any time soon.

Whoa, have been reading this whole conversation.

Hive may have other problems, but at least we have minded individuals here :)

Such a pleasure @jacobpeacock & @glenalbrethsen

Looking to engage with you both soon.

@glenalbrethsen thanks for spelling all of that out. I am assuredly aware of the complexity of the situation and as previously stated I was unaware of the role that he took on after the fork. That said I feel pretty stupid including him in my initial comment. Thankfully @empoderat brought it to my attention and I could revise my perspective.

As for the list of people in the 'mistake' list I have been operating under the assumption that they already had (or will) receive an airdrop. That assumption is solely based on my perceptions about the integrity of the witnesses involved. In other words: I believe that they will do (or already have done) the right thing and give the folks on the list an airdrop. Of course I cold be wrong on both accounts so it would be nice to have some 'official' word on that topic.

Hey, @jacobpeacock.

It would be nice to know all of what's in HF24, but so far, I haven't been able to piece that together, and while everyone behind has been very active, it's been a while since we've seen a post on the update of their progress. The airdrop proposals are a part of that, I understand, but I didn't see them listing anything else.

re: mistake list

Right. From what I understand of that, it is a done deal as far as it will be done, but since it needs a hard fork to make it happen, it's still to come, along with, apparently this last group of airdrop proposals, if they were to get approval from the community.

So, I'm certainly not official, just agreeing with you on your understanding of things as I understand them. :)

My main purpose was to let you know steemchiller is on the mistake list, so he's receiving an airdrop, warranted or not.

Thanks @glenalbrethsen!

Yeah I have not been keeping up with the HF24 stuff (or the Witnesses) and have mostly just focused on content creation as well as helping new users so I know very little of current affairs and whatever the road-map is moving forward.

I am a bit surprised to learn that he is on the 'mistake' list.

It seems like everything is so convoluted at this point and I honestly cannot wait until Hive is completely disentangled from the previous blockchain.

Cheers and I hope you have a nice day/night.

I did not need any further evidence but thanks. Just seeing it makes me cringe!

Yeah, I'm sure he's got good intentions in mind, but he's quite vocally against Hive and in favor of JS. 😒

Indeed. I had no idea he had taken on such a role before making my comment. I kind of want to edit that part out but that would just make the rest of the comment thread seem confusing.

I'm here with you, We must be like bees, if the hive is disturbed we will defend and attack together :)

This is exactly the post I would write and mirrors my thinking.

this blockchain is working like a piece of shit ... powering down

It works exactly as it should.

... that's a scary thought

Like most multiple-choice questionnaires, this one also does not contain an answer I could live with.
It almost looks as if it was set up this way on purpose. As you wrote #1 and #2 would include too many JS supporters.
So the only reasonable way is voting for #3 or not vote at all.

This setup is not made for the (few) individuals that were excluded by mistake.
It could also only ask: did we do the right thing or did we do wrong?
Not the choice: perhaps we made mistakes so let's now fine-tune this.

If you can't afford everyone the same freedom you expect as long as no one is physically harmed, you yourself don't deserve freedom...

How can we trust Hive is going to be decentralized by those who single out those that disagree with them with punishments?

That's the equivelent of self-appointing themselves an authority. Vote or not...

I'm not seeing a true respect for the free speech from those that accused JS of stifling theirs. It seems free speech only applies to a certain perspective and that'll never be the case.

As long as one has the choice to give theirs away, they still had a choice and we should never punish such choices, because that makes us the hypocrites.

I'll never support JS or Steem as is, but I won't stoop to his level by hiding behind 'we must do this to defend our own freedoms'. We can ensure it'll never happen again through the code that will not infringe anyone's rights or appoint a few as sheriff's.

People still have their Steem. The airdrop was for Hive users/supporters. Your entire argument is incredibly flawed and if I have to point out just how it is flawed then you are nowhere near as much of a critical thinker as you represent yourself to be.

Just think about it... or not.

I find your perspective flawed. People also have the right to be wrong. Many have changed their minds...

Dissenting opinions are how more perspectives become known so the best decisions can be made.

You don't NEED TO SUPPORT a Decentralized infrastructure to be afforded the same as everyone else.

But, those that DON'T truly believe in equal freedom and Decentralization will disagree with me. 😀

We disagree, yet I don't want to deprive you of something you've earned because of it.

They earned their Steem just like we did. What other Blockchain has done such a thing? None that I know of, because they don't feel the need to be petty.

I fail to see how peoples' Steem earnings factor into the Hive airdrop. Please explain your thinking on this so that I can understand the perspective you are presenting.

Because only those that disagreed didn't have theirs mirrored. No other reason, just that they disagreed. That's punishment for a dissenting opinion and is wrong.

I don't understand how you can condone it myself, yet you aren't even trying to explain your position. Do I owe you something? Are you superior?

Please, sell your perspective.

I do not really have a position nor do I want one actually. When I read your initial comment I was like 'wow the irony of reading this on Hive by someone who seems to be passionately berating the airdrop!' I just could not (or would not) stop myself from chiming in.

If you disagree so strongly with the way things were handled why are you even here?

Did you get the airdrop and then send it all to @null to show your displeasure?

What? I had you pegged on our first interaction before Hive was even a thought. We won't get along.

How about you worry about you, considering you don't have a position AND refuse to see beyond black and white? Deal?

Hey I pegged you as the same (someone I wont get along with) but that never really stops me from communicating with folks. I tend to not let my personal opinions get in the way of communication as long as it is worthwhile.

As far as black and white... I am at a loss there because I am perpetually observing all the wonderful shades of gray.

No deals.

Thanks for the info!

Yes you summed up my thoughts nicely here and that is why I voted the same way you did. Let's not give power to those we are fleeing from to come and oppress us here in our new settlement.

This post needs to reach a lot of hivers. It has everything to get started with. Thanks also @therealwolf. There are so many possibilities that the blockchain has to achieve. We have to think deeply and act now.

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Thank you so much for the info and sharing your views.

I am one of the people who were excluded from the first airdrop, due to some mistake, and I am on the list of people who should have received the airdrop but did not.

I would like to know when we will receive our airdrop?? I also started to power down on my Steem immediately when the trouble started, thus I now have about 4000 steem, coming from around 12000. How will my original airdrop be calculated, hopefully from the same date as when the original people received their airdrops.

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