Long Live Hive!

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In less than an hour, over 115,803 STEEM of my own private property is going to be stolen - worth over 32k USD / 3 BTC at current prices.

I've already said more than enough what I think about this thievish move, but there are sadly stakeholders who will lose far more, and some of them haven't even been active in recent years.

I guess this shows the ruthless & manpulative manner in which Justin Sun & his followers are enriching himself, by stealing the private property of others & by justifying it by twisting the facts (Nobody was ever entitled to receive their HIVE nor was anybody ever forced to support Hive). This whole behavior sadly makes me think of Nazi Germany, where even the gold inside mouth & teeths wasn't save from being ripped out & stolen, infamously giving it the name "nazi gold".

But not all hope is lost: I'm very grateful that #HiveIsAlive and that this community is so vibrant. Even though the coming months/years are not going to be easy & prob. filled with discussions; I'm learning more and more how important free-spech and the acceptance of other viewpoints is.

And of course - how important decentralisation is. Sure, Hive is not perfect but our governance is quite something and pretty much everything is much better than Justin Sun's centralized & censored sh*t.

Now, I've been waiting for the right time to post this image, and I guess the time has come.


Love Live Decentralisation!
Love Live Liberty!
Long Live Freedom!
Long Live Hive!



I am really sorry for your loss @therealwolf and for all of the guys on the list. What is going on right now is sick.

But like you said...thank god #HiveisAlive.

I wasn't expecting anything else from this guy right from the beginning and probably the Hive fork should have occurred earlier. I don't know if it's possible but if it is illegal what he's doing then he should get on a trial for that. Luckily we have Hive, that is way better than Steem, from a governance point of view and as usual time will heal. Still, it's people's funds that one person is playing with and that should attract some consequences.

as I wrote in my post, I am so sorry for users like you that maybe, I still hope the HF can be stopped, they will lose their Steem.

This further misstep from Justin Sun, however, will turn the spotlight on our community even more.

#hiveisalive ♥️

The beauty of this story is how overall, a community managed to get rid of a stupid millionaire who could not do anything else than kill his own toy.
As years go by, the steem/hive will be part of the economy books as the first case story of the new decentralized governance and economic ecosystem overcoming the last desires of centralized control.
We win

Sad how things turn like this on Steem. I have been pondering on this whole thing and I am short of words.


I'm getting more and more disgusted by Justin Sun's move. Has he no honour and no dignity to do such things in the public view of the Steemit AND Hive communities, not to mention the entire blockchain community looking this direction due to the split?

Things will good come to you & us.
Stupidity and theft from Justin.
Lost in words.
Hive is alive.
Our value & beliefs are alive.
Long Live Hive!!!

He's even trying to save face by saying he wasn't the one responsible for the fork. I think this is something the crypto Sphere needs to address. Someone like Justin Sun is not good for the face of cryptocurrency and blockchain

It makes me sad to read that you and others are getting robbed 😢

Is HIVE protected from going the same path in the future?


Wonder how much of that you earned by the @steemdapps farming op. 🤔

Used to think you were decent and turning yourself around after accumulating so much stake via the unethical practice of vote selling and facilitating others to do the same but instead you use that stake to further satiate your avarice.

It's folks like you that have caused my lack of interest in this place. I just can't seem to get back on the saddle to "fight abuse" when esteemed witnesses are setting a piss poor example.

The question you must ask yourself is what would be the impact of your actions if they were scaled.

Why don't we all just self-vote our own metadata scripts instead of voting meaningful content? The masturbatory report self voting is making this place more lame.

Edit: Not helpful if I present you a problem without a solution. My solution is instead of self voting purely script generated reports that you take a moment to analyze the data and provide human input / insight to it. That would show a modicum of effort and would not appear as reward farming.

That's an awful lot of money to lose. Damn you #justinscum. Like you said, good thing #hiveisalive

The whole Tron/Steem/Ned fiasco is getting more and more ridiculous and shows how important the Hive fork is/was. So grateful that it happened. Steem is dead, long live Hive!

Very sad news, however hive is alive still.

A story is getting real with twist at every end

Long live Hive! Long live decentralization!

The thief got tricked!

Excellent article @therealwol to clarify the current panorama of these cryptocurrencies.

For those of us who recently began to distribute ourselves in this new world, articles like yours are of fundamental help.


The king is dead (Steem), long live the king (Hive)!!!

We need to go through harsh moments in order to appreciate things that we took for granted and the power of a community is one of them. And HIVE reflects a community made of communities, just something beautiful and great!

well said dear and thieves never get away..they have to pay double that's the law of the universe.. And nice image as well. thanks for sharing. Cheers and have a good day ahead.

Add will just, add Love Live Security
Is Hive.

that stolen amount is no joke, @therealwolf

As expected from Justin sun. This man can do anything to make him profitable one way or the other. Feels sorry for your loss but there are lot more stakeholders who suffered the same.

It is really very sad!
But You are alive and Hive is alive.