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When I was away on holiday this past week, driving through Germany's forests in a van, I had some much-needed distance from work and everything that's associated with it - Hive included. Which in hindsight was exactly the right call!


Don't get me wrong; I thrive when I'm building something out of passion. But at the same time, this energy can become so overwhelming, that my ambition & drive start to become extreme.

And like everything in life; there needs to be a balance.

This step back also gave me a better perspective on Hive, the decentralized community around it and what my role in all of this is, was and can be.

First and foremost, it became clear to me, that the real essence & value of Hive is the community; not the token.

The token is a product, a mechanism to be used, crafted & engineered by the community. Its price might rise and fall, but it's not and will never be an accurate reflection of Hive. Or in other words: the token price might fall, while at the same time Hive could flourish.

With this knowledge, it also became clear to me, that a certain distance and a more longterm-view to the token was required, as well as a change of my Hive-related actions.

While some part of myself most def. finds enjoyment in making memes and other provoking content to make my stances clear; this behaviour is not what Hive actually needs to flourish; neither am I going to flourish with it.

Or in other words: if I want to see a behavioural change in Hive, I need to front-run it; not just point the finger in the right direction.

However, things aren't that simple. What about things I don't have any control over? Well, that's where the "having a certain distance & longterm-view" comes into play.

There will be things I'm not okay with, but that's okay.
There will be times where my viewpoint is not being shared by everyone, and that's okay too.
There will be times where the token might bleed, but even that's okay.

That's just what's being part of a decentralized community is like.

Over time, things will become clearer, I'm sure.

If not, that'd be okay too.

With this said:

We're part of something fascinating and truly unique. Let's keep our energy up and be the individuals we'd like to attract to Hive.

Much love goes out to my fellow #Hivers and to those who haven't made the transition from #Steem yet.



Well said. The community really is the value for sure. I think everything else that people expect from this project will grow around the community and as the community grows so will everything else with it. Quality content, rising token prices, and better and better dApps will all be built around a flourishing community.

The road is so much easier when the directions are clear isn't it? 😀

There will be people who come here for the community, and some who come here for the token. If it is a nice community, people will stay. If the tokens are valuable, people will stay. At the end of the day, people will stay if their needs are met.

Like in a real life community, if new members find that the people are nice, or the community has many interesting activities, they will stay. Otherwise, they will leave.

Sometimes, people leave because it is not what they are looking for, not because the community is no good. There is nothing you can do about that. All the community can do is to continue to be open, and accepting. The right people will come, and the right people will stay.

Have a great weekend.

Yeah, we need a long breath for this one and remember that it's a diverse community with many ideas and desires. It's a challenge, but I think worth while

Good evening. I would add that the main force in Hive is people, and then the passion of these people to express themselves creatively. And then everything else, including tokens. Thanks for the nice post. I wish you success.

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Thank you, and back at you, timeout has been needed so much more this year, which is bloody weird as we've done less leaving the house yet had to increase our creativity and evolve to maintain our position.

It's fun to be part of the Hive journey, it's value and supportive community is what makes us very happy to be part of it, ps thank you for the support.

You need to take more time outs like these... I see an artist coming through... 😉

I wish this had been published and referred to Steem as I think it is what it needed. But we can't undo what has happened to it, and so taking refuge to another Hive was inevitable (at least I think). I hope the Hive can be a healthy environment for all.

Glad your former enterprise isn't getting in the way.

But what IS an community and WHY?

@therealwolf: Where in Germany did you travel?
I will be crossing from Passau/Austria, going towards Hannover. Looking for a nice route on small roads... maybe you have some ideas?

this energy can become so overwhelming that my ambition & drive start to become extreme

This is something I struggle with all the time. Even hobbies become a pain as I become overly obsessed with them, and they become work, and that much more stress is added to my life, and those hobbies no longer provide enjoyment. I am getting much better at balance as I get older, but it is still a struggle.