Current projects and how you can get involved.

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Group Discord:

This group is for anyone wanting to help decentralize wHive. 3speak has paid half the bounty for work done by @fbslo (who had finished a lot of work previous to the bounty) for decentralized wHive & he has a potential finish date of Nov/Dec 2020. If wanting to learn how to help, please contact FBslo to see what work is still needing to be done in the wHive group discord.

Hive Engine Decentralized

Group Discord:

This is for anyone that wants to help code, market or be apart of decentralizing Hive-Engine. Right now we are mostly looking for code work but once that is done we will move to community marketing.

Hive Rosetta

Group Discord:

More on Rosetta:

We need to get Hive incorporated into Rosetta. Coinbase will not list coins that do not have Rosetta. If the leading crypto exchange is demanding Rosetta capability, other exchanges and services will follow suit. It could unlock tremendous opportunities. If you are a coder and want to help get Rosetta compatible with Hive, 3speak is offering a bounty to help pay for the work.

3speak opensource + tokenized storage system will be one of the next projects I will offer up to the community for help/feedba


Right now we are mostly looking for code work but once that is done we will move to community marketing.

Community Marketing > Marketing

Technology Development + Community Development = Decentralise Network Success.

I’m slowly preparing for the second HIVETwitter movement with strategic approach.

Looking forward to it! Blow Twitter up with #Hive!

I'm really encouraged by your passion and diligent investments in Hive's success. Despite my unwillingness to personally risk doing business with banks and centralized exchanges, I am aware that is how business is done, and cannot fault folks doing business.

Decentralized dexes would change my world, and I see you working towards that with wHive and Hive Engine tokens. Ongoing developments IRL are radically reshaping my economic situation presently, and with luck and persistence, my circumstances may permit my attention to focus more on these issues, which I have before neglected for needful matters.

I am glad you've carried the load so that it might be there when I am ready to take some of it on.


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Hi. I want be involved. But I am not a programmer. How can I be involved?

We need people helping provide liquidity for the wHive-ETH pair.

woud be good to add incentives like other projects I think to get it going

Interesting, decentralization comes into the tokens & etc. "Hive Rosetta" didn't hear this before. Hope we can get it soon!



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What can I do to help with Rosetta? I am not a coder, but is there anything else I can do, like donate fiat money, HBD, HP, etc. Being listed in Coinbase would be huge and something that would help make life investing in Hive much easier.

Great to hear more news like this on Hive. Your such an inspiration for all of us here, I jumped in the discord. Looking forward to how can we contribute to this growing ecosystem

@theycallmedan great job you are doing brother to incorporate an initiative that helps users. Apparently you have a gift for advertising and technology, in the same way I must thank you for your support and that the existing ones continue

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