Boosting Hive on Twitter - 3 new Twitter channels join the HiveTrending family

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Hello Hivers,

I hope you are well. I wanted to give a quick update on Twitter activities. I have been spending much more time on Twitter than on Hive. And I haven't published a post in weeks.

Many of you on Twitter have engaged with my main Twitter account @HiveTrending. The account has grown beyond expectations, and now it has more than 600 followers. I want to echo this inspiring message from @jongolson

Check out his full post here:

The Twitter Poll and Follow Up

4 days ago, I (@HiveTrending) Tweeted a poll to which 93 Hivers responded. Here are the latest results: image.png Please excuse my dumbass typo. It should say "Life" not "Live".

Based on this feedback, I decided to start new experiments. Three of them, maybe more. The "Trending on Hive" account tweets out links to trending posts with the #hive tag. There is a lot more great content to highlight. Thus, today, three new Twitter channels are born.

@ArtistsHive - highlights popular #art posts
@HivePhotog - highlights popular #photography posts
@music_hive - highlights popular #music posts

If you'd like to see more hive content in your Twitter feed, please give these a follow.


Future Work

@ericwilson came up with a great idea: To enable curation communities to easily share curated posts on Twitter. It should be possible to do this using Hive database API. It will require a few code changes to HiveRSS. Work in progress.

A few other people have asked me to hook up their blogs to their Twitter accounts, and I owe guys a "how to" post to explain the steps for setting this up. I'll do it soon, I promise!

Have a great day,


sorry but we need @share2steem or @share2hive ro whatever by @algocod4er to come back because it is too much hassle and nOT worth it to post from any steem front end

instead we should ONLY post from Instagram Twitter etc

i know all u geeks want us to use ur front end but you cant handle it

steem or hive or whatever is meant to be used for fucking social media not this bullshit breakaway civilization here you try to have like a few thousand people and pretend its a million

fucking put ur shit on Instagram twitter and Youtube and use the #share2steem or #share2hive hashtag AND THEN it will AUTO POST (after u give the site ur posting keys) or it used it, noiw its not working, maybe @enginewitty can make @altyes work EXACTLY like share2steem otherwise its USELESS and so is hive or steem

its ONLY USEFUL when u can use it SEAMLESSLy withga HASHTAG

i guess u guys never atcually got to use steem at its peak when u could just use a #share2steem hashtag and have ur tweet shopw up on steem and then u just collect ur paycheck 7 days later no bullshit

we could have even had upvote tweet like sensing to allow curation FROM twitter api

we were close

but nah no one wants toa ctually work on making steem an OVERLAY to work on social media so we can reward peopek upvotes for tweets and instagram posst and use steem as a BACK END LAYER


That's a little loud, but I agree with the main points. Just interacting with each other in our little Hive echo-chamber, doesn't really seem to make much sense to me. Demonstrating the power of Hive (censorship-free, crypto-rewarded content-creation, etc) on other platforms makes Hive a lot more visible to the outside world.

i fucking resteemed and fucking upvoted

Thanks for the boost!

Appreciate ya! Thanks for the plug!

No problem, man.

What about Reddit? Their users are a hellova lot easier to onboard.

Are you planning to open source the software behind these accounts? I really like this idea and would love to set up one for #sportstalk on Hive.

I can teach you how to set it up. I’m using off the shelf services. HiveRSS + IFTTT. No proprietary code needed. I’ll publish a post in the next few days with step by step instructions.

It would be cool to package everything up into one app, with a web UI to configure and connect to your Twitter account. More future work.

I forgot to mention I also helped set up a similar system for @derekrichardson and the SoCal Hive community.

Very cool! I'll have to dig in to see what I can put together. I won't be able to use HiveRSS though because I'll want the trending to go off SPORTS token distribution vs Hive. I guess I can give it a shot with another RSS feed on IFTTT though.

Ok cool, I’m not sure how I could support SPORTS token distribution. HiveRSS is open source on GitHub if you want to take a look.

My google skills are still sleeping apparently this morning. Any chance you have a link to the git?