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RE: HIVE USER GUIDE: Learn How To Join, Post Blogs, Upload Videos, Make Friends & Get Paid To Co-Create The Uncensored Hive Community!

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  1. omg i didnt know you could INDEX in the freaking post this is amazing!!!
  2. sucha a complete guide this is so awesome there are not many guides like this in english and is important for this kind of tutorial for new users!

Yeah, I found out how to do the Anchor links today - very useful :)
Surprisingly, I had never seen a complete guide to Hive (or Steem) anywhere - which is ridiculous. I'm having more and more people asking for help to get on Hive who have been censored on mainstream sites, so put this together to help them. I'll probably add to it over time. :)

I have seen a few and I'm working on updating one of my own right now but in Spanish in English i have never encounter one like this so i will bookmarked to use it when need it!