My First Hive Blog

in #hive7 months ago

So I had no idea that Steemit forked and now Hive is the place to be.

Since Corona hit, I have not been on Steemit much and when I returned recently, it just wasn't the same.

I went and searched an old friend, @Gank, and saw his last post about moving to Hive!

I think it is funny. I invited Gank to Steemit in 2017 and now he got me here on Hive.

I'm stoked about being here. I've been looking for a place to start blogging again, and it looks like I found it. So let me know if you read this and say hello!

Cheers to a new place to write!

Merry Christmas by the way!

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Nice having you here on Hive, I am one of those that migrated from Steem as well and its been a better feeling on here.
I feel I'm responsible to make Hive a success... you might find a different feel to it.

Enjoy bro and Merry Christmas to you

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Joe it is nice to meet you. Thanks for being my first comment on Hive! lol. I appreciate the warm welcome. It feels like Steemit felt like in 2017. I'm stoked. Thanks again.

You are welcome brother 😃

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Thank you! very excited