Hivewatcher said plagiarism as a MURDER

in #hive2 months ago (edited)

For 2 years in steemit, I put a bing image as a source, and
it was ok. Hivewatcher said plagiarism as a MURDER..

This is a MURDER. How hivewatchers compare plagiarism
as a murder?

How about just explain like this...
"When you do "image resource" You have to do like this.
[Image](link of image) Thanks for joining hive, & we are
here to support you instead of voting themselves without
help ^^ Without proper help & guide, hivewatchers are
abusing their delegated powers to voting themselves making
over $1 HIVE with a useless reply ...


Nobody compared what you did with a murder, they simply compared your poor reference of the source with telling the police when you see a murder that you saw it on your window. Poor reading comprehension there. I'll put you another example if you have an accident in your car and you call to an ambulance you don't say to the person who is on the phone "I had an accident on my car" you tell him the direction where you had the accident.

5 people liked & agreed with me ^^ You can think of more examples without [Image](link of image).
Do you see a poor example here? HIVE will become Steemit as loosing one by one due to stupid people like you and hivewatchers voting themselves for profit...

Lol automatic votes and you voting yourself make five people that agree with you?, so you don't know even the most simple math?.

I agree my self ^^ Maybe you don't count me as a person?
Hivewachers voting themselves abusing their delegated powers to make more...
You are a racist and stupid person as your MOCK others as, "so you don't know even the most simple math?" Your writings reveal who you are... You will treat your spouses, children, friends, & families this way... You will pay through out your life... LOL ^^