Hivewatcher SUCK

in #hive3 months ago

I've in Steemit for 2 years without any problem, & I came here a week ago.
I posted my first with a picture from bing as a source, but hivewatcher
wrote as follow:


Ok maybe HIVE need more source, but HOW? I don't see. Just
a long lecture on Plagiarism...


Next person wrote plagiarism as a MURDER.. Is this really necessary to
expalin plagiarism?


Next Mocks me as..


Just a simple guide is enough as jungho wrote,
"When you do "image resource" You have to do like this.
[Image](link of image)


I believe that hivewatchers are not doing their jobs to guide,
but voting themselves, arguing and mocking newbies without
proper guide.

When fork happened developers made enough money, so
they do not need us because they can fork again and make
more.. That's why HIVE runs system like this to Loose more
people intentionally...