Mountain Biking Volcan Carazon in Ecuador

in #hive6 months ago

Hey there my fellow Blurters! Here are some photos before my blogging days back in 2014 when I was mountain biking through the Ecuadorian Andes solo, one of my most enjoyable and exciting adventures. Going around this Volcano was part of the rout.

I had an amazing time on this bike for months. Something I've never really shared much of since I started blogging. So I'm happy to share these photos of myself, my mountain bike that I enjoyed so much, and this amazing backdrop of Volcan Carazon high up in Ecuadorian Andes! Hope you enjoy!


Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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All instances of my artwork, branding, name, etc. which was stolen from me and/or used illegally by you, Dan/ @world-travel-pro, must be removed, NOW.

Blurt isn’t holding up so good and I hear a hostile take over might be happening.


lol. today it lost 30% in value - 70% in volume - good luck to anyone trying to sell.

That's what I said months ago when the claimed Blurt was so great and is up 300%. Literally said "good luck trying to sell it".

Looks like @world-travel-pro is going to try just that, powerdown and sell.
I thought Blurt was the solution to everything...


I posted about that last night, interesting turn of events.

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Much love to you all.

-World Travel Pro!

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ooops - look at that volume... that is a skinny market to lose 30% in value and 70% in volume...
Hope you aren't holding too much, because the price doesn't matter how high it goes... no one is buying.


And, crypto is a hobby of mine - I think just my hive stake is worth more than the entire market cap of blurt still...