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RE: Call to Action! Jack Dorsey is looking to create decentralized Social Media | Twitter Contest

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Didn’t he mention this a year ago or more?

Btw, my comp crashed (months ago) & I can’t access my wallet —- can anyone help me?

It’s not much, but it’s my savings over years of blogging, here ...


Happy to offer a reward:
[email protected]


how are you posting this? you only have your posting key?

Yup, that’s the maddening thing! Willing to give up my wallet if someone can send me 2/3 of worth in Litecoin:


how did you manage to only have a posting key?

I’m signed in on my iPhone with posting key — if I sign out, I lose that, too.

Can you help me?

i was thinking what could you do. and i am not smart enough. maybe if you used hivesigner or hive keychain. Or steem keychain. you could try logging on it. but i am not sure and it is a longshot.

or maybe. you are here long enough so there is a possibility that you used you master to log on steem for few times before you learned what key does what. and there is a small possibility that you clicked save password on your browser. so if you imported your bookmarks and other info on new browser there could be a really small chance that you could find your keys in the password options of the browser.

Thank you, for your time and goodwill — I’ve tried everything and nothing works (password saved on old computer which crashed).

Hate to lose savings from years of hard work & at this point willing to give a smart hacker a cut of my rewards if they can access them!

My Litecoin account is:


We tried, months ago, and I’m grateful for their patience & assistance.

@guiltyparties wanna try, again?