New NFTs on NFT Showroom! - 2 exclusive NFTs for every $RAVEN Holders Drop

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Hello everybody! 😊

How are you doing?
I´m good. Still trying to recover a little bit from the last months, so I am taking it slow. 😊

I made two new drops for my fellow $RAVEN Holders on WAX last week. As I already did with my last drop, I will mint some NFTs on Hive, everytime I make an NFT drop on WAX. Hive is my home and therefore I want to publish art here too.

Of course I will never mint the same NFTs here as on WAX. So these will always be a bit different. I use Nightcafe sometimes for changing my art. It´s lot´s of fun, I love doing it. And the results are awesome and unique.

This is an awesome website for creating unique, AI generated graphics and videos. But it´s not like: Ok, I just create SOMETHING. You have alot of influence about the stuff you do, you can import your own graphics into it and that´s why I really like it. So it´s not just some random generated shit. But I can still add my own style to it. And that is what I was looking for.

Coming back to the NFTs on Hive.

The amount of copies will be very small, I just want to give my supporters and collectors an opportunity to also collect NFTs made by me on Hive. This way, I made at least some connection between my collections on Hive and WAX.

Let me introduce the NFTs that belong to my first Halloween NFT drop on WAX - my song Uncanny Valley:

$RAVEN Drop Pack - Halloween #1 🎉

#1 I used my coverart graphics as start image, included some tags and tweaks, and out came this:

NFT 1 Frame.png

3 copies of this NFT has been minted on NFT Showroom. You can see and buy it here:

#2 I made a little video out of all the coverart graphics and other creepy graphics I created with Nightcafe:

NFT 2 Frame.gif

Only 1 copy has been minted of this one! You can see and buy it here (don´t forget to turn on your volume 😉):

The full length video will unlock after buying it.

Have fun with these NFTs guys!
I am curious to see who will be the lucky owners of these!

Thanks for your constant support! 💜

Best regards,


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I am very thankful for everyone who supports me on my journey!!

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Great NFTs! We love the awesome content you're bringing, thanks for sharing to sloth.Buzz with the #slothbuzz tag!

We love Music, Art, Photography, Gaming, and Crypto content! #supportsmallcreators

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Thanks so much!! =) !PIZZA


<3 Thank you! =) !PIZZA !HBIT

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Nightcafe looks really cool, I will have to check it out! Thanks for the update and making these NFTs available on hive!


It´s an awesome tool, I love it. Lot´s of ways to be creative. :) !PIZZA


Thanks so much for supporting!! <3 !PIZZA

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