Yes please enlighten me what the new chain-id will be and which of the steem sbd hiveapi variables will br replaced w hive and hbd. Also there was mention on node backwardcompatibility and that the hf wont take place unless enough witnesses updated it after tuesday afternoon....

Thank you for reblogging. I guess that you saw that the new ID is beeab0de00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 and it will work only after the fork. In my snippet I don't care about the number of witnesses which will have updated.

With Blurt the only symbol in the json is BLURT. With Hive the answers are using HIVE and HBD but the requests must use STEEM and SBD.

For reading answers I splitted by space and parse the float in first item. Thereby, modifying my scripts for working with Hive was easy, just changing the endpoint. There is a little more changes to make for working with Blurt.

Ah thanks. i thought the rebranding would have implications on the current steem in the json cuz they mentioned removal of all remaining steem.

I am maybe wrong about the symbol used by Hive in json after hf24. If I were the devs, I would accept both in json for backward compatibility. But Hive devs are proud and proved that they want to be different. As I have adapted my scripts for Blurt it will be quick to change.

Yes they changed the json to hive and hbd... check out the test node where you can test your code
Also update got delayed to 8th or 9th

Thank you. I have to check that!