Beaxy HIVE Listing Announcement

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HIVE is now available to trade on Beaxy

Starting today, HIVE is listed on US based Beaxy exchange!

Now that we've completed Hive's first extensive hardfork, there's a lot of anticipation building in the ecosystem. To add to the buzz, Beaxy's new listing now provides existing Hive users and traders new to the ecosystem alike a custodial option for purchasing and trading HIVE that is based in the US, FinCEN registered, and fully US compliant. You can find the official Beaxy listing announcement here. This listing is live now!

Beaxy is a feature rich custodial exchange option that allows customers from the US a two-way fiat ramp, with further global currency support on the way.

Credit and debit card support for US customers is available now, provided by proven partner Simplex. ACH direct deposits are upcoming, alongside expansion of fiat currencies with upcoming CAD, JPY, EUR, AUD, and GBP. For many Hive users, security and integrity of custodial exchanges is front of mind. Beaxy provides Curv institutional security of assets under 'bulletproof protection' through MPC technology. To learn more about Beaxy's services, check out their website here for full details.

There's lots to discover with HIVE on Beaxy.

If you're just beginning to learn about trading, or are a seasoned pro looking for an edge, Beaxy is an easy to use cryptocurrency exchange that offers everything traders need to be successful; learn more at their website about API support, free signals on all digital assets including Hive provided by a 15+ year traditional market and crypto market source, their slick mobile trading app, and more. If you're looking for help with technical analysis, Beaxy provides exclusive access to sophisticated artificial intelligence that lets you pick from different charting patterns that automatically overlay a professional-grade pattern onto your chart.


To celebrate the news, Beaxy is offering up to match deposits of up to $500 for a limited time to help you stack more of your favorite cryptocurrencies. Visit to create your free account in minutes and access the HIVE-BTC trading pair. To claim your bonus, opt-in to the program before making your next deposit, and a matched bonus up to $500 will be credited to your account within 24 hours.

The HIVE listing is live now, and the Hive and Beaxy teams are excited to share some news and services powered by the Hive blockchain and created for users and traders like you in the coming weeks!


Bonus conditions:

Bonus funds cannot be withdrawn until the following conditions are met. Bonus Funds can only be withdrawn after generating trading transaction fees (BXY is not eligible) that total more than 150% times the amount of bonus funds you received within the first six months after receiving bonus funds. Funds withdrawn before fulfilling the conditions will forfeit all bonuses earned in Promotion (including income received by a bonus) and the account may be closed at Beaxy’s sole discretion.

A new listing is always good news. But they do require KYC which I personally hate but others feel comfortable with...

and this...

Beaxy reserves the right to collect User’s identification information for KYC/AML Policy purposes.
User acknowledges and agrees that Beaxy may confirm the authenticity of documents and information provided by the Users and Beaxy reserves the right to investigate certain Users further at any time, verify User’s identity in an on-going basis and request up-to-date documents from the Users, even if User passed identity verification in the past.

I wonder if 1 mill new users subscribe and deposit those $500...will they really match $500 mill within 24 hours? If so that's huge...

Bottom line is it is probably good news for Hive.

It looks like there are quite a few stipulations regarding those bonus funds. Specifically that you have to trade more than 150% of the bonus funds awarded in fees generated within the first 6 months.

Welcome, Beaxy to Hive! great to have you aboard. I'll be looking over your service.

New listing is a good news for our HIVE community

Great job. Now waiting for Coinbase listing.

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