Hive x Beaxy Livestream AMA - Answering Community Questions and HIVE Up for Grabs!

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Hive and @beaxyexchange will co-host an AMA tomorrow, Thursday November 12th at 4pm UTC (11am ET)!

There are some HIVE prizes for community members who have questions for both teams, as well as for the first 20 users who are interested in signing up for Beaxy's services. This is a great chance to ask questions and learn more about both projects, so please be sure to drop your questions below for a chance to win and to take part in this event.

You can watch the video stream on the Hive YouTube channel, VimmTV and 3Speak as it happens live. The video will be available for on-demand replays as well!

If you want to get acquainted with Beaxy, you can find more info about the exchange from the previous Hive listing announcement. In an age where CEXs, DEXs, governments, and individuals all have different goals and regulations, finding services to match your needs are important. Beaxy is a US based exchange with an impressive suite of tools and features that go beyond offerings found elsewhere and ambitious future plans. Hive is a fast, feeless blockchain solution that powers dapps, transacts value, and decentralizes and protects immutable content at a time where the ability to connect and communicate freely is becoming more needed than ever.

For your chance to win some HIVE, drop your questions for Hive and Beaxy in the comments below, shout them out on Twitter, or attend the stream live and be part of the chat!


I'm excited to see Beaxy and Hive together, like peanutbutter and jelly! My questions is this: we've seen exchanges get excited over altcoins, but if the value declines they will delist it. Under what circumstances or contidions would Beaxy delist Hive?

Thank you! Here's to a long and prosperous future!

Awesomeness! I just signed up with Beaxy a couple weeks ago, in the hopes of scoring some Hive while it's at bargain basement prices. 😁

My question though (and I asked a similar version of this through their Help section and was pleased with the quick & friendly response, although not quite thrilled with the resolution) - at the moment, all I can see for an option to deposit fiat into my Beaxy wallet is through a wire transfer from my bank. Will there be other deposit options available soon?

I’ll be participating via 3Speak

Ps. Currently YouTube is down

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Just joined the Beaxy and on KYC process :) PASSED
It looks good, thinking to deposit Hive there...
No question at the moment but will check other Q/A about it

Edited :
Deposit 300 hive to beaxy and it looks withdrawl fee little higher (15Hive), and will we see HBD on the list in future or just go with Hive

It's unbelievable, you're good, just go ahead, our course to the moon!!!

Cool! Shared it on Twitter :)

Saw you have Curv as a custody agent, good choice. My question is, since you have your own token and are resembling the model Binance and Huobi have laid out before you, will there be any other products or services coming from the Beaxy company that we may be able to spend those on or trade them for if we were to purchase some?