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RE: Tentative Hardfork Date Set! Hive HF24 Information Mega Post

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Fantastic job everyone, very excited to see how Hive thrives with the implementation of HF24.

Personally, as a member of the @HiveHustlers community, we want to see Hive absolutely flourish, and we are working on many exciting projects to help Hive members find more inclusion and utility on the chain itself.

Thank you to everyone who's contributed to HF24, and for making Hive what it is - i was never a Steemer (is that what they called them? No clue rofl) but came to Hive through a cointelegraph article.

Since joining, Hive has become a huge part of my life - literally half of my waking day is spent either on PeakD/Dapplr, or in our HiveHustlers Discord, connecting and working with fellow Hivians/Hustlers to build a bigger and beautiful ecosystem for everyone here.

💜 -gh0st

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dear @nulledgh0st

would you mind sharing hive post explaining/describing what is about?

Yours, Piotr