When Crypto.com Adds Hive And HBD we Can Fo

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Here is a rough idea for some Steem @appics @telosnetwork and hive debit cards using existing https://crypto.com when they add HIVE and HBD and allow us to borrow or top up against our existing hive power in an account they own owners keys for. A new fresh account we just use to create content with. It's important we all start from 0 just for fun snd see who still upvites us and how much we can make and live off. Imagine cashback rewards in form of upvotes and actually earning upvotes back from the brand of the product you buy and show off using your hive powered crypto.com debit or credit card!

They make you a new account for 3 hive as part of signuo cost they cover if you qualify then they send you a crypto.com visa debit card with hive ... your new owner key is owned by this credit card company and you just get posting key and active key is in limbo maybe they get ut? Maybe you get it? What's important is the auto upvote from the credit card company for cash back rewards haha muahaha

And your card automatically gets topped up with HBD / SBD rewards

And your credit is all borrowed against your hive power value ... yes there's risk for credit card company but they can only give the card to old accounts that have history of making money and content . They can have a special credit rating and be downvoted if they don't pay back a debt but we don't need that hahaha

We can just depend on hive going up AND IT WILL if we buy back hbd and hive power with actual profit from interest on the crypto.com hive debit card

Crypto.com can easily integrate a hive wallet into their app and allow for delegation and auto upvotes and a whole system for pleadiean finance

Inter galactic dpos credit card with a system to borrow against your hive power and always get new credit limits or pay back debt with hbd or just choose to pay back your hive power which is owned by them. You only have posting key and a prepaid debit card ... acting like a credit card ...topped up with real cash borrowed from hivepoeer they will power down if you don't pay back bill.... . credit lines only extended to power content posters or investors etc
@aggroed @blocktrades could contact crypto.com and have their hive hbd and splibterlands tokens added

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If Doge has shown us anything, it is that getting on the major exchanges makes the price 🚀

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