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RE: HiveFest 2022 - Thank you!

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Watching the video of the speakers I got to say the whole event was LOW ENERGY.

Same old boring heads doing the same old sales pitch to people who have already heard or read about it many times over.

The only moment that stood out was RAVE shirt guy and @steevc getting chased of stage. It was like... "yay finally a joke that lands and doesn't leave an awkward silence..." The crowd there shared the same sentiment with the unanimous clapping.

You love to host Rolo and you were once good at it but your cheesy hive pijamas didn't align with your "I'm here but not really here" vibe.

The impromptu meet ups by Latin America communities are the real "FEST" events for Hive now and you old dinosaurs better recognize that those are the people who ACTUALLY keep Hive Alive.

Hive can't attract western audiences like it once did and the group that filled the room there looked like old white nerds who are committed to their niche projects but lack the WOW FACTOR to attract and inspire.

What ever happened to the vision...


How dare you talk shit about roeland's outfit?

Thank you for your feedback. The impressions you got through the livestream imho not reflect the event or state of Hive from/for "western audiences".

You def might have a valid it came across as Low Energy. And that is directly my responsibility (partly), but also the attendees. As much as they want to present their projects on stage, they also met with fellow old friends or connected in the first time ever with fellow Hivers. Not during the event days only, but specifically during the several mixers the event had. Leading to short nights, big hangover and maybe the looks of low energy. At least for me personally that certainly was the case. I told some folks: if I would be a "white drug you snort"-user, these would be the days I would use that... But I don't, so 3 days of 2.5 hrs sleep were pretty heavy.

To be honest I found the diversity of projects on HiveFest really showing progress. There was not a single presenter who presented something he/she already did before. Yes there were "old faces" but also many new.

Personally I was also a little disappointed not more people could join in for this year's event, totally gotta give you that and yes South America baby!

Again, thanks for your genuine feedback, on a personal level this gives me food for thought for sure.


@roelandp Let's organize the next HiveFest in Margarita, Venezuela and fill that event 😀



Its OK to be a nerd, and old

The impromptu meet ups by Latin America communities are the real "FEST" events for Hive now and you old dinosaurs better recognize that those are the people who ACTUALLY keep Hive Alive.> Quote

if this is the vibe of Latin America i am not sure that i am looking forward to HiveFest there as it was talked about. 🤷‍♂️

And you are... interesting, young, and headless? Wish you would've been here with us, instead of firing empty shells at Roeland and judging people how they look like. Sad. And please don't speak for me (I was in the crowd), as I do not share your sentiment at all.

Low energy in Amsterdam? 😆 LOL I can't believe how this is both so inaccurate and accurate. Should've done some research about Amsterdam before making such a comment, e43.

We got this Dutch word for destructive-attention-seekers, 'Azijn pissers'.

You don't have to make it sound as if it is that weird to compliment someone for their skills. I certainly am incapable of hosting anything besides my own birthdays. Lol.

So, will you be with us next year and drink some beers and party till 2-3 AM?