I'm going to Hivefest, who's coming?

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Yep, it's been a long time since I don't take a proper getaway. The hotel, plane, and Hivefest tickets are all paid and ready for an amazing week in Amsterdam.

I recognize I'm somewhat nervous since it will be the first time where I met international Hivers in real life. And my English skills are, uh... it's been a few years since I don't practice my spoken English. So you have been warned in advance 🤣.

But the effort is more than worth it. I am very excited to 'put faces' (and voices!) to many people I have spent years communicating with. I remember chatting with @edje a few months ago regarding the matter of how beautiful is to feel that you can trust more 'internet magic characters' rather than some people in your 'real' circles.

This will also be a week of deep learning about a bit of everything happening on HIVE; from the base layer to L2's. I can't wait for the next Hard Fork.

If you were thinking about it and think you might have a chance to go, I encourage you to do so. It will be a busy week!



Wish you a great time!

You look like writing a good English :)

We want a post from you showing the actual face of Empo ;) Have fun there mate!

I think I will ninja attend Hive fest, in other words, I will probably be around ( close to Amsterdam ) but might not atttend the Fest itself, hoping that some people want to meet up with me, outside of Hive Fest doors but in Amsterdam. Let's see if that works. Also, I haven't practiced my Spoken Spanish in a while but I speak Portuguese almost every single day, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem ;<)

This will also be a week of deep learning about a bit of everything happening on HIVE; from the base layer to L2's. I can't wait for the next Hard Fork.

I wish I could join...

I really wonder about the updates on FreeChain documentary 🔥

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Not this time for me as my passport may or may not be back in time plus have more immediate worries than flying half way around the world and cannot justify the cost. Have fun though and I am sure alcohol will improve your English.

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Thank you for your support, really appreciate it! 👍

unfortunately I will be super busy in the autumn , maybe next year the location will be closer to Eastern Europe :)

COOL!! 😎🤙

It's good to getaway sometimes. and yea, it's so funny how u can make friends online and sometimes THEY are good to u, more that your real life friends..

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Internet people! Also called bots! I trust them too!

Btw, I try to be there too!