I'm ready for HiveFest! Are you?

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Being on the blockchain since 2018, I have been wanting to attend Hivefest since 2018 but wasn't able to since I was someone who wasn't working and didn't have money. 😂 This year, we are on a pandemic and obviously none of us can travel so we are going to do the HiveFest virtually - and that's good news cos now I can finally attend! :p

This year's HiveFest will take place on Altspace VR (which I am not familiar of lol). The best experience will be when you have your own VR set - but I don't have that and I currently am not planning to buy one (thanks Oculus and your shitty Facebook login policy). But even if you don't have one, you can still attend through the app on Windows and Mac.


It was a good thing I remembered to register before December 7 so I don't have to pay 50 HBD for that. :p So basically, before December 7, registration is free.

To be able to register, you have to go to https://hivefe.st/ and scroll a bit down to the bottom and you'll see this:


Plz excuse my email.

Type the necessary information and you can donate if you like.

After you have registered, you will receive an email about how to set up Altspace VR and you will also receive an email there the day before the event (for the link and shit).

Setting Up Altspace VR

You will then have to download AltspaceVR app. You can follow the instructions here.

Once you've launched the app, you will need to sign up for an account (if you don't have one yet).The 'Sign Up' is at the right side and you just have to fill in your details and you're good to go.


Also, that's the default avatar for everyone so if you don't want to look 'basic', you have to customize it. To be able to do that, you just have to click 'Me' and 'Customize Avatar'.


Here's what it would look like when you're customizing it:



The options are not so many, but quite enough for you to be able to show your most accurate look/want, I guess. Oh yah, when you customize of course it will show you the avatar of how it looks like with each change. I just want to cover it in screenshots above for the face reveal hahaha.

My Avatar


... and here's my badass avatar! :PPP
If I'm in a real-life HiveFest, this would be 100% my outfit on the first day! Yes brah, all black and shit. Then I'd probably wear a cute dress the next day. XD

Checking out places


I also roamed around and checked out some events and maps, and I stumbled upon this place. Weird enough, I had a dream of being "here" a few months ago. Weird that the place looked really similar to my dream. Who knows I could hop into a virtual world in my dream. XD

Then I went to a campfire kinda place where everyone is free to join and people there are talking/interacting. The first people I saw were people flirting or probably just talking hahaha. They said "hi" but don't know how to control how to respond or even know if I'm muted or not so... One of the reasons why I roamed around is to get to know the controls and such.


And then these guys and girls were holding those sticks like they were wizards lol. When I approached, the girl immediately asked me if I am a girl haha. And I was like "yeah" and went silent afterwards... Then she was like "Yeah this is like real life too.." like being awkward haha! I don't blame her. I'm still shy even in virtual world. :p



Then I stumbled upon this event, a discussion about depression, abusive relationships, or anything that you wanna discuss really. A safe space for you to express your feelings and what you wanna say, taking advantage of the anonymity in VR. I listened there for a while and it's amazing how there are actually people going here to meet strangers online and be able to share their experiences and get some thoughts on things. So cool!


And all of a sudden this kid appears in the middle of the talk and be like "motherfucker" and talking shit LOL. Damn kids...

And oh, one of the guys there told me my outfit is nice! :PPPPP

So yeah, that's all. After you have created your avatar, it's up to you to explore and not be a noob during HiveFest. It's fun tho!

Also post your avatars in the comments! I would like to see! :D


I'm looking forward to the event and see yaaa!



My virtual body is ready



Thanks for the post. It helped me figure it out and here i was thinking no vr... no HiveFest. =)


Haha! I thought of the same thing at first. Looking good Bob Ross :D

Glad we were both wrong! hahahah Thanks Again!

Looks like your were having fun customizing those avatars. I have a faulty system and no VR but still, I will register. I don't know if a magic system will come by that time of the meet up.. Thanks for sharing ☺️

Haha yeah it was fun! Oh no :( I hope you can figure it out to work out soon even in low settings or whatever. :/

Yeah... Thanks... I will be optimistic about the situation. Something will work out.

One more thing, did I just see that you donated 500 HBD or the screenshot was just there.

Moreover, being shy in virtual world means you would be so shy real life. I bet this would be very interesting to meet up with people even though it is not real life.

I would cry if I miss this 😅😂😂

Sweet I just set up mine now, hope to hang out with you soon :)

Is it just me or the avatars have no legs or feet?

Yeah they don't haha, I guess that's how it works in VR? Cos I don't know, they probably can't track the legs/arms movement

also no arms

I think, this would be one event, where every one can join and should join, without spending money on travel/others for the hive fest otherwise.

Hive should implement a heart react.

You could've got one from me.

Looking forward to meeting you @hivefest! 😎