First Hivefest in details. Find yourself.

in #hivefestlast year (edited)

It was kind of interesting when we tried to figure out why it felt so short just only to realising that this year event was a day shorter than previous years. However it was still great to meet all old friends and also meet new people.

It was challenging to film 4 days event,
the amount of the footage i’ve got it’s overwhelming - trust me, make a 3 minutes video out of many days it’s always challenging. Carrying 10kg rucksack, and heavy camera always in the hand - When back - making sure that all battery are charged and the footage is backed - not that I complain - challenging mean rewarding.


















I’m not able to tag everyone, most people I exchange a smile with little British, Hello how are you, some people i never was able to talk at all and a few, i honestly forget the user name - so if you found yourself in the group photo you welcome to say hello in a comment section👌


People who couldn’t make last day



next time we need to call "HiveFest 4 days Challenge"🤣

I was tired on the last day. I was with a backpack as well and now part of my videos are not working, but It is part of the journey and getting more experience as long we keep putting in the work.

Thanks for the mention in your post. Love the last picture! 😍


An amazing crowd of great people on the last picture!

I actually also like a lot the other pictures. The fact that we don't see any face on them is somewhat a special manner to summarise the event (and a very good manner to do so)... ;)


Thanks for the preview, and can't wait to see your video!

We still need to send you more footage 😁 The Time Laps of the checkin, should be fun to watch 😅

Yeah man other way cant do much with only b-rolls ;)

You are such an incredible person, and your work ethic is very inspiring. I always felt comfortable around you and I am very sure you have a lot of good source material to create an impressive video. Can't wait to watch and relive HiveFest again!

Thanks for the pics. Everyone looking happy, including me at the back :)


It looks amazing! I am sure you enjoyed every moment. Wish I was able to make it...

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Thanks for the beer, @mynewlife!

Lovely shots you made there actually. So many people I didnt talk to and looking forward for more footage to come!

Happy to meet yall!

Wonderful shots, love them... Waiting for the video :D

Great pictures, especially the group one 🙂 It was so nice to meet you and I loved your Slovak, mainly the thing with trpazlík and mimozemšťan 😂 it was fun! Hope, you had a good trip back home.

I forgot, I spoke that to you, they are most funny slovak words :) It was great to meet Stefan and you.

I agree but do you know čučoriedka? :) You are the first guy here who pronounced his name his correctly :) Most people call him Stephan..

Cucioredka in polish its jagoda, and jagoda in slovak is truskawka.

they are all confusing jagoda in serbian is jagoda (the red one) 😁

trpazlik 😂 (i always thought it is trpaslik)

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Great times ser! See ya next time!

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Too bad I couldn't make it at the closing dinner! Looks like fun man!

Hey, that's me in the pic! 😆

Your pictures are stunning. I'm so glad you could attend this year and party with us.
See you next year! Cheers 🍻

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