This isn't the way to use people's delegations to upvote comments this much in an effort to promote your project or whatever this is. @wrestorgonline

Please mind your votes.

It wasn't to promote the project, but thanks for assuming. Good luck with your projects and manual curations. We will never tell you what you should do or how to do it.


Kinda hard to assume otherwise when I see 4/6 short comments of your other account voted up to $4+ with other people's delegations. Just letting you know it's kind of frowned upon to use voting power like that here, you can feel free to keep doing it.

Wrestorgonline only owns the accounts @wrestorgonline @woo-events @woo-marketing @wooemployeefund @woopackmanager @woonftmining @woo-airdrops @woo-hp @woostaking @woo-raffles @woo-market-maker

The account that commented isn't owned by WOO. We upvoted you to counteract the few downvotes you were getting.

So it was your account after all. Be a bit more careful with comment votes in the future as it comes off weird, especially when there are posts making less than that and the comments are short and don't take a lot of effort.

I'll adjust your vote down a bit on my comment. As I see you're gaming focused I can recommend using the stake to curate posts in the Hive Gaming community or Splinterlands until there's enough authors posting daily about your game that you're probably going to spend your voting power on.

We're currently also running a few contests with @ocd to assist games on Hive to get some new users and post about the games, currently running one for hashkings, before that we did one for dcrops and next up will be crypto-shots. Feel free to reach out to us to host a contest when your game is playable and people have something to post about if you're interested. We can discuss it in more detail over dm's.

Anyway, thanks for responding and clearing the air.

I thought we were having a civil conversation here, sad to see this...


There are 4 people with access to the main account. I'll personally look into this and make the necessary changes.

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