What Does Hive Mean To Me?

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Hellow Hive Community


Hi my all hive friends.Hope that you people all are so good.I am also good. In my blog today, I will write some things about hyphen. I hope you enjoy my writing.



Hive is a new blockchain. Which was created a few days ago. However, those who work on the Hive blockchain are not new. They used to work on steemit, but because there is no good future for steemit, they have created this new Hive blockchain. But it is completely system-like. And hive is a social blockchain. Where people can write on any topic. And I love the Hive blockchain because I think Hive has a great and beautiful future. When @blocktrades posted a post saying it would be made, I see a lot of people with hyphens.

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Those who used to work on the steemit now work on the hive. Moreover, people are working on the hive with interest. What people see when they want to work on the hive is that many big people are with the hive. They tweeted a lot about Hive on Twitter. And if the big guys are with Hive, then Hive has a better future. It seems that people are moving towards the hive.

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I think everyone in Hive has a great future. But this better future has to be made better. So on the highway we have to promote it well. People need to know how to know about hives. If we can get people to know about Hive in a good way then they will be encouraged to invest in Hive. And if they don't understand anything about hives, they won't invest. Because people do not understand a thing well, it does not move forward.

Hives mean a lot to me. I work on the steemit for a long time. When I saw the steemit could not hope for a better future.

Then I saw @theycallmedan When I created this new blockchain with @blocktrades, I started working on the hive. I love working on the hive. And I love working in the hive.I spend most of the day posting on the hive and reading other posts. However, I always think about the hive a lot.

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