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RE: Hivelist Highlights - New Store Products and Vendors - Promoted Classifieds Posts

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Ah ok I see that there are actual for sale classifieds, I just didn't see them looking at the general listings which was overtaken by unrelated stuff (I commented on your reply to the HiveBay post about how I was just seeing unrelated posts when I went on your site under "classifieds"). I guess I just have to figure out how it all works.
I would support a DHF proposal!


Some posts on the front page are allot of contests, but yes, allot of unrelated stuff. We have tried fighting the battle, and go through and try to filter unrelated content, but it is a losing battle.

That being said, more people posting more relatable things will help solve that issue, lol. It will put more good content up front and center.

There is allot of community tag abuse overall in all communities. Hivelist is no exception. You can tell when it is tag abuse because it will generally just have the Hivelist tag.