Hive Moon Desktop Wallpaper

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Hey there guys!

According to the adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words", we might consider this post have at least 4055 words 😜

Hive Moon Desktop Wallpaper

As always feel free to download and use them as you wish

Full HD 1920x1080px Wallpaper - 4 different gradients

hive moon3.png

hive moon.png

hive moon2.png

hive moon4.png

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That's a bit crude, but the art is promising.

Maybe straighten out the HIVE text and increase the contrast every further, especially for the starts. The dark should also be pitch black without gamma.

Yeah this one particularly didn't goes well but I've lost the original file.. (didn't save it) and this one was a variation of a PNG and not the original PSD

I see, had a feeling that you might want some feedback because this one feels really epic at first sight but falls apart on second sight. There's something about art and emotions that makes connections or not.

Art is all/just about emotions,my opinion :)

Whatever an emotion even is

That's easy for me ;)
Everything then apathy or indifference

I'm not ready to declare everything emotion, but I'll think it through.

lol 👍
See ya buddy!

Lol. I like it pretty much and going to use this for a while. Thanks for these beautiful wallpapers.

Hey! Great! it looks nice :)

Steady killing it

Thanks buddy! Wish you a great weekend! ;)