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This last contest was interesting. Writing about first work experiences must have taken a lot of people down a memory lane they must have forgotten.

A lot of these stories were interesting to read. However, we have 3 write-ups that stood out. They are:

My boss hated me by @wolfofnostreet

My first experience as an 8-4 jobber by @gentleshaid

My first work experience by @young-boss-karin

These are some awesome posts made by our community members but that's not all of them. The other posts written for last week's contest are:

My first work experience by @ijohnsen

Working at age 16: My first work experience by @dwixer

My first work experience by @mcluz

This Week's Rewards

As stated, this week's contest rewards is sponsored by @starstrings01. 1000 HP delegation will be shared among the top 3 picks in this order.

500HP to @wolfofnostreet
300HP to @gentleshaid
200HP to @young-boss-karin

Thank you for your contributions and participation.

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Thanks for the opportunity with the contest. Special thanks to @starstrings01 for the sponsorship.

Congratulations to the winners, more wins

Thank you! I really appreciate this.

Congratulations to the winners