New Halloween NFTs on NFT Showroom! - 2 exclusive NFTs for every $RAVEN Holders Drop

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Hey guys! 😊

How are you doing?
I´m good. I was at the gym today and now I am full of energy. I am still busy with catching up on all the after-halloween stuff I wanted to do. But right now it´s so much, so progress is slow. But here we go with the next step. 😊

I made two new drops for my fellow $RAVEN Holders on WAX for Halloween. As I already did with my last drop, I will mint some NFTs on Hive, everytime I make an NFT drop on WAX. Hive is my home and therefore I want to publish art here too.

Of course I will never mint the same NFTs here as on WAX. So these will always be a bit different. I use Nightcafe sometimes for changing my art. It´s lot´s of fun, I love doing it. And the results are awesome and unique.

This is an awesome website for creating unique, AI generated graphics and videos. But it´s not like: Ok, I just create SOMETHING. You have alot of influence about the stuff you do, you can import your own graphics into it and that´s why I really like it. So it´s not just some random generated shit. But I can still add my own style to it. And that is what I was looking for.

Coming back to the NFTs on Hive.

The amount of copies will be very small, I just want to give my supporters and collectors an opportunity to also collect NFTs made by me on Hive. This way, I made at least some connection between my collections on Hive and WAX.

Let me introduce the NFTs that belong to my second Halloween NFT drop on WAX - my Halloween NFT Collection:

$RAVEN Special Halloween Drop 🎉

#1 I used my pack graphics of the drop as start image, included some tags and tweaks, and out came this:

Rahmen 1 NFT.png

3 copies of this NFT has been minted on NFT Showroom. You can see and buy it here:

#2 I made a little video out of the pack and NFT graphics:

Bewegtes Halloween NFT.gif

Only 1 copy has been minted of this one! You can see and buy it here:

Weirdly the preview of this one doesn´t always work on NFTShowroom...
But the file is also inside of the NFT as an unlockable, which you get after buying.

I hope you like these NFTs on Hive. And I hope to be able to publish more soon. I made so many awesome graphics with Nightcafe, and I don´t want to keep them unused.

Have fun with these NFTs guys!
I am curious to see who will be the lucky owners of these!

Thanks for your constant support! 💜

Best regards,


Raven Divider2.png

I am very thankful for everyone who supports me on my journey!!

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Great nft raven!! this one are cutes too

Thank you! =) Happy you like them! <3 !PIZZA

Liked the second one and already bought it 🙂


Thank you so much!! =) So happy for the support!! !PIZZA This one seems to be a bit weird though.. Sometimes the preview plays, sometimes not. The NFT is also in it as unlockable for download. But please let me know, if you have any trouble.

Video is playing normally and see download option too although no plans to download for now

Ok happy to hear that. :)

Nice one Raven, really awesome.
!PIZZA for you

Thank you!! =) !PIZZA

Hail to our Queen! Continue pumping it at the gym. 👍 !PIZZA

Thanks Blitzzzz! :D !PIZZA

I really enjoyed you shows :)


Thanks! Happy to hear that. I hope there will be more soon! :) !PIZZA




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