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RE: New Features available: Referral Support, Notification-Bot & API

in #hiveonboard6 months ago

I was always support of this . I am confused as regards the reward system and the signed in people i invited.. could i get a proper breakdown


Alright, I'll give it another try 😀
Let's assume you referred a dude, who is start posting content on HIVE. He makes a selfie and get's upvotes. After 7 days the post rewards will be payed out, where you would automatically receive a 3% of those rewards.

Remember that those new accounts start with 0 HIVE POWER, so it would be a good idea to delegate a tiny amount of HP, so the referred user has a smooth starting experience.

Right know there is no HIVE interface (like, or which supports the rewards sharing - but I'am pretty confident that this will change anytime soon.

So i can refer people if i follow the directives on this post from now on?

Yeah totally! All you have to do is share your referral link to people who wanna join HIVE: