Xayah and Rakan: League of Legends ♥

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Hey everyone! I'm still not done with the Valorant craze (I have like 3 more Valorant artworks) but I've been meaning to post this one! This is one of the first big pieces I've done! I mean, I did pretty big pieces before but nothing this detailed. (And it has two people in it!)

In League of Legends, I only play 2 roles - ADC and Support. So really, I never leave bot lane >u< Aaaanddd, it just so happened that Xayah and Rakan are the ADC and support I enjoy playing! I really love their relationship, their banters in-game, and their personalities. I reaaaally loved the video they made to promote the Star Guardian skinline! It's so cute and pretty and edgy and everything nice. :>> Thusss, the birth of this piece hihi. Or at least the idea...


Solo Shots ♥

rakan solo.png

xayah solo.png

WIP Shots ♥



I got ambitious and wanted to try different light source-ish hihi

That's about it!

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Thank You!

I hope you guys enjoyed this one as well!
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Need to do a bit of work on perspective there ^_^; you chose a pretty hard and interesting angle and didn't do too bad a job though! Your colouring and lighting is gorgeous.

Hehehe... Can I ask which part needs work ;-; I'm kinda stuck actually... You know that feeling when you know something's wrong but can't tell what ;-; Happens to me way too often

I realized that staying in my comfort zone when drawing is what stops me from learning new things! So I really went for something twisty in this one ;-;

I'm quite familiar with that feeling XD

It's two major things:

One is the perspective with that angle you chose, they are pretty twisted up ^_^; As far as I can tell you wanted them flying upwards towards the camera so there's a ridiculous amount of foreshortening (one of my nemeses even with bases!) involved.

Two is how the bodies are relating to each other. Right now I'm thoroughly confused about who's where and how they're aligned with each other.

Because I can't actually draw myself, the only practical suggestions I can give is study the hell out of anatomy and how body parts look on various angles and how they relate to each other, and just keep trying to make each drawing better than the last one, even if it's just by one thing :) and keep posting them here so we can see and with some luck someone more useful than me will be able to actually help XD

Ohhh alright... I shall study the hell out of anatomy >:D Thank you so much!

One of the things I love is redrawing my old drawings hihi so maybe in the future, hopefully when I'm better, I'll make this piece again and I'll be sure to post it here!

The way her knee looks is also a bit weird:


just something I noticed at first glance, other than that it's awesome. :)

Haven't played Xayah in a long time.

Yeah, foreshortening and stuff like that are still really hard for me ;-; I guess I could've made it more rounded and tweaked the perspective a bit... Thank you!

Xayah is so fun! Idk how I find her fun because I'm really bad at positioning and positioning is really important with Xayah but there's just something about clicking one button and having the feathers shred your opponent :>