My Introductory Post On Hive

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Hello Hive,
My name is Peace Oyelaran. I am delighted to write my introductory post on this platform. Thank you for taking out of your time to read my post


I am Oyelaran Peace as I said earlier, a 19 years old boy. I am the second born in the family of three children, actually we are all male children. My parents are ministers of the gospel.
I am a Nigerian from Ogbomoso in Oyo state. Ogbomoso is an ancient town although it has become a city and it is the second largest city in the state.


I am a science student, I finished my secondary school education this year at Oyo State School Of Science, Idere, now hoping to gain admission into Federal University Of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB).


I love learning a lot and this have given me so much of experiences, no matter how long a distance is and I know I can learn something great. I will find a way of getting there to learn it. And to be sincere, I really enjoy travelling;
I have travelled to so many places in Nigeria and my experiences during my journey are always wonderful
IMG_20210214_135606_279.jpg Meet my mother, Mrs Oyelaran Dorcas. she is such a wonderful gift I have. Thank God for having her as my mother

Meet my friend, his name is Faith Ogundiran. He will soon be joining us on Hive. He is a good friend and he also joke a lot. His presence here on hive will be great as he is a comedian.

I am sure many friends will join this platform when they see my achievement o this platform

I love agriculture (animal to be precise) that is why I wish to be an agriculturalist, presently as an undergraduate, I have so many experience in agriculture. I have my own small farm where I rear rabbits. I have worked in my Dad's fish ponds for years.

My Rabbit






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