Hive Power Up day! 1 January 2021

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Today I dropped another 50 Hive to bring my total staked Hive to 150! It's not a lot, but I decided to convert some LTC to Hive and make my money work for me. I've also been earning some rewards from my daily posts on #Freewriters and curation.

Screenshot (46).png

3 good reasons:

-Increasing my vote power

I want to earn more through curating quality content on this blockchain and rewarding people that make some really excellent articles.

-Earning 3% APR through staking Hive

Who doesn't want to earn more Hive the easy way?

-Investing in the platform.

This is a better place. Much better. I've moved off of other social media because of the negativity and hostility seen on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you to all the wonderful contributors that are running some great contests for Powering Up!


Congrats on your power up :) I am glad to see people so excited about Hive. That´s why our community is so amazing hehe :) My pleasure to support this post of yours as it got nominated to my latest upvote giveaway. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for the support! I'm really enjoying the community and plan on being even more active in 2022.

I really need to buy some Hive to stake...Happy New Year!