My Little Hive PUD

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My little hive PUD

Hive Power Up Day

My original title didnt have the word hive in it. Thought I should add that in there just so people dont think truck drivers are really that weird.

Well, I actually joined in on #HivePUD. You know, the first of the month you power up all your hive you've been holding.

While mines not much I did do all of it. 6.72 all powered up. I know, I know, you only had 6.72? Yep keep in mind I got into for free and have been in it without buying any hive as of yet. Hive is my first crypto so I didnt have anything to trade for it either.


And after!

Next month Im hoping to have a lot more to power up on the first. I might end up breaking down and buying some.

See you all this afternoon on the live show. I will have 3 guests with me. All truck drivers so I should probably throw a parental advisory on this one. They are long time friends of mine. One of them has been my friend for over 20 yrs.

They are Johnny Gearjammer, Rob "Old School" and Monster. They are always a good time and will make you laugh or cry.

See you all at 9pm UTC on MSPWaves!

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Well done! Every little does help as I said in my post. Tenacity and working things does pay off. As I have learned over the last three years 😀

Thank you for participating in HPUD

Woo hoo! WTG, my friend! You are doing great. So glad you took part in the HivePUD initiative. :) Don't worry about the amount right now. You will start accumulating more & more as you go. It will snowball faster than you think! ;)

Awesome work on the power up! And doing it through dapplr too, we have a badass here! 💪😎

It all counts! We each do what we can.

Have a !BEER

Ah cool. I'd love to hear you chuckleheads talking about truck junk,
I'll try and join.

It was a blast tonight. Thank you for joining in and asking questions!

Yea that was fun. You guys are hilarious. :)


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