Quora Hive Awareness Initiative, Question Answered: "Will Steem hard forks win over Justin Sun Power?"

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I’m assuming you mean whether Hive or some other potential sister chain of Steem will become more successful than Justin Sun’s Steem. That’s the only meaningful definition of winning that applies in the blockchain space because we’re dealing with open source software here. The hard fork and creation of Hive was a win-win, in my opinion. Justin Sun got his centralized blockchain he is free to run as he sees fit and Hive users got their own decentralized chain whose governance is more strongly decentralized than it has ever been.

I believe Hive has a better chance of success than Steem because Hive has more developers now that ex-Steemit blockchain engineers who resigned from Steemit, Inc have joined forces with the developers of OpenSeed. A new company called OpenOrchard has been created that employs four former Steemit, Inc blockchain engineers in addition to the founders of OpenSeed. The company will concentrate on developing a second layer of tools and services for app developers to utilize including fast, easy and free account creation, encrypted messaging and social networking on an app called OpenLink and Koinos, a tool designed to help game developers integrate custom tokens and assets into their own platforms. The Tron foundation is new to Steem whereas developers in the Hive camp including Blocktrades are more numerous and much more experienced in developing the core protocol and the ecosystem.

Most importantly, Hive is actually decentralized and the wider crypto space knows it. The only thing keeping the price down is Justin Sun dumping the HIVE tokens he got in an airdrop as not all of his accounts were known prior to it and him also propping up the price of STEEM,. He also froze the stakes of Blocktrades and a few other Stem whales who were community witnesses on Steem, which prevents them from dumping STEEM. But all that is temporary.

I believe Hive will prove to be the more valuable chain due to more development taking place and the amazing dedicated core community.

Hive can be accessed using the following front ends, for example:

Hive.io, peakd.com, and 3speak.online

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