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RE: My Hive testimony. #HiveTestimony faffy ENG version

in #hivetestimony5 months ago

Just in time! We are wrapping up this initiative, but I'm glad I was able to catch your testimony! It's great that you were part of @repollo, I was also part of that group and I have fond memories. You have been here for more time than most of the active users! Congrats!

Keep up the good work!

A recommendation: I know you are making the translations yourself but cleaners are picky, not sure if they have done it yet but they could leave you a warning or even a downvote for posting the same content twice. My recommendation is that if you want to have your publication in two languages you can do it all in the same post, that way curators will upvote you with more reasons.


Thank you for commenting. 💜

I see, I try to not use or call the curation groups with the Spanish content; it is my mother tongue so it is easier for me to write Spanish first and translate English later. I just like to keep it there as the original idea. I haven't received a warning until now but I'll take the suggestion in making both languages in one post.

I'm glad you read my post. Your feedback is more than appreciated. 😌