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How are you HIVE friends?

This time I have something special to show. I would like to join the HiveTestimony, a movement started by @theycallmedan


I hope it is not too late. I have been busy and now I have some free time to write about my experience.

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My experience with Blogs and cryptos started back in 2017 when my friend @Pravusdie invited me when it was Steemit. At that time I had no idea what cryptocurrencies were, but I always wanted to run a blog, so the idea of "upload drawings and make some worth of it" as Pravusdie told me at that time seemed an attractive idea for me.

This is my first post. It is horrible. I didn’t discovered the introduceyourself until months later.

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By that time I was making the Inktober of 2017. It seemed a great opportunity to test how the blog worked with my drawings and from that time it started my whole adventure of crypto and blogging.

This was my first inktober I almost complete! And it was thanks to the blog! In 2016 I barely made 4

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Over time I realized that uploading an image and waiting for it to "get something" and that's it, it was not enough. So I started to experiment with other kinds of stuff and began to tell more in-depth in my posts about my drawing processes, materials I used, any interesting anecdote or experience, video game content, whatever I was doing at the time. It was interesting to see how those 0.something motivated me to keep trying; As long as it was more than 0, it gives me that impulse to improve, both the content itself and my writing. It's what I like about this system.

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At this time I posted something that made my blog and crypto efforts became tangible so soon. My Scion drawing took a lot of attention and with the income of this post plus what I have accumulated I was able to pay for the operation for my dog. She had a non-benign tumor near the leg and It could be removed by surgery thanks to the incomes with crypto! It was something I didn't think would be possible, but it happened. From that point, I tried not to put my blog aside.

The dog, Mash, it belonged actually to my boyfriend and my mother in law, but I loved her so much, I cared about that thing in her leg a lot.

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2 years after that I didn’t have much attention until I met @repollo group. In this group, I found very nice people who received my content very nicely and they had no problem solving my doubts. I improved my writing and the structure of my content with them.

the green and fresh friend rechicken was a good guy (vegetable)

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My blog helped me one last time when I need to move, the amount I had saved helped me to complete the move to Argentina at the end of 2019.

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Now in the very well-known 2020, I returned to my blog 3 months ago, with the new face of HIVE and I am more than pleased to see my content being accepted again and find so many good artists and curators now.

I try to post my content in two languages. I post them in different days because the translations I make them myself personally.

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In general, my experience with Hive has been more than beneficial. On this platform I have found with users who like what I do, even if it is just for receiving some portion curation by voting my post, I can see they like what I do, which in conventional social networks I don’t perceive that support so tangible. I've learned the basics of HTML, Markdown, redaction, I improved my English, and I'm always eager to learn new things if necessary.

My contribution to the platform would be, and it is not for the platform itself but rather to the curations groups. I would like when these groups stop working for any reason, get annoyed, overwhelmed, or bored in their curation activities, that they give an update or something. Several times I made presentations for art groups only to realize 1 week later that they were no longer active hehe. I think some posts or some news would be useful; like an ultimatum saying that the curation group ceases its activities.

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In conclusion, for me, Hive is like my personal blog where I can tell my experiences and if it’s helpful or entertaining people can let me know through their voting system. So far, it has been an interesting experience and an adventure of ups and downs.

The money doesn’t rain over me but I have enjoyed this hobby so far.

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Thank you very much for reading my experience, I hope it has not been too long or too tedious to read. The drawings and dramas will return very soon. 💖

I hope to see you again soon!

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As usual, I shared my post on #twitter, but now in a thread.

Just in time! We are wrapping up this initiative, but I'm glad I was able to catch your testimony! It's great that you were part of @repollo, I was also part of that group and I have fond memories. You have been here for more time than most of the active users! Congrats!

Keep up the good work!

A recommendation: I know you are making the translations yourself but cleaners are picky, not sure if they have done it yet but they could leave you a warning or even a downvote for posting the same content twice. My recommendation is that if you want to have your publication in two languages you can do it all in the same post, that way curators will upvote you with more reasons.

Thank you for commenting. 💜

I see, I try to not use or call the curation groups with the Spanish content; it is my mother tongue so it is easier for me to write Spanish first and translate English later. I just like to keep it there as the original idea. I haven't received a warning until now but I'll take the suggestion in making both languages in one post.

I'm glad you read my post. Your feedback is more than appreciated. 😌