HiveTips Proposal - Video Overview

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For Your Convenience

Compiling all the written data for our recent proposal was no walk in the park. We realize that many people will not want to read all of what is contained within the document and scroll down for thirty minutes. HA! So, we have composed a video that you can watch or listen to on your time. We hope it explains everything well enough for you to understand our direction and provide your approval to support our proposal. Thank you!

Approval Portals: PeakD - /
- Hivesigner

More HiveTips Info: Video Series on HiveTips

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HiveTips - Proposal Overview

This video serves as an aid to the proposal put in by FULLALT for HiveTips - "Tokenizing The Internet With HIVE". VOTING LINKS: HIVESIGNER:


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There is big difference in Liking and Tipping.

I’m gonna reset my proxy vote for witnessing and DHF by myself