"My Hivewatchers Blacklist, my apology to the hive community".

in #hivewatcherslast year (edited)

Greetings Everyone!
I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone for my plagiarism on my account. I never knew that it was prohibited in the hive community. I feel so remorse for what I did.


Yesterday i posted a content on my blog titled "How to make Nigeria Egusi soup recipe" without sourcing it, I intentionally wanted to use that opportunity to teach the hive community concerning this particular recipe, I never knew that it was wrong to do copy and paste without providing the real source to the post.
Link to the original content
Link to the original content


It was very wrong for me to copy and paste another person's content without sourcing it, and my idea trying to take credit from it is wrong.
I know it wasn't fair to you that I lost my trust, am very sorry for what I did, I promise never to do such again.


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