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Hivewatchers provide consistent and scope-based anti-abuse services to the Hive ecosystem. Our prime focus is fighting fraud.

Fraud includes any form of deliberately misleading activity or deception aimed towards monetization or other malicious goals.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Fraud can be defined as:

specifically : intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right
was accused of credit card fraud
b: an act of deceiving or misrepresenting : TRICK
automobile insurance frauds
2a: a person who is not what he or she pretends to be : IMPOSTOR
He claimed to be a licensed psychologist, but he turned out to be a fraud.
also : one who defrauds : CHEAT
b: one that is not what it seems or is represented to be
The UFO picture was proved to be a fraud.

In relation to Hive, Fraud refers to any and more of the following:

  • Identity theft
  • Identity deception
  • Plagiarism (text, image, art)
  • Malicious deception
  • Phishing/malware links

What is Hivewatchers?

Hivewatchers first and foremost aims to be an educational project. Users who engage in one of the above activities get a comment on their post. The comment usually links to the original source of the content they have presented as their own. The comment offers a very succinct educational point. It also invites them to join the Hivewatchers chat and talk about it.

Users who engage in identity theft or identity deception are immediately added to the banlist (also known as a blacklist). This is because in identity-related cases, there is always an innocent victim who may have severe personal consequences if the perpetrator isn't stopped.

Users who either refuse to acknowledge that fraud is wrong and continue to carry on with it, eventually get added to the list as well. They must undergo an appeal process in which they post an apology to the Hive community (not to Hivewatchers) and showcase their abuse-free posts for a period of time. That time varies depending on multiple factors. During that time, we help guide that user if they have questions and connect them with other key community services as necessary.

For many users, that ask to come talk to us is the only time they get to chat with other Hive members. Often, they themselves have been victimized by those who have scammed or mislead them and ask for help. Many stay in touch long after their appeal is up or question answered.

Hivewatchers rely on the community to locate instances of fraud and report them. Community members submit their reports anonymously on our website at and, should their reports be accepted as valid and correct, receive a small payment of appreciation. We manually check every report to make sure it is within our scope and is accurate. The comments that Hivewatchers publishes are all manually triggered (although they are templated for consistency).


Hivewatchers was originally Steemcleaners. It was started in 2016 by @Anyx who, as a PhD student, was troubled by all the plagiarism and fraud he saw on Steem. He created @cheetah, a hands-off similar content bot, and then formed Steemcleaners with the help of @Patrice. Many people have joined in along the way and have spent time in the role of Steemcleaner. Those of us who are part of Hivewatchers now are not the founding members and cannot speak to the project's full history as some is beyond our knowledge.

When the Steem blockchain was lost during the hostile takeover that gave birth to the Hive ecosystem, Hivewatchers was born.


The Hivewatchers service is more complex and robust than it looks. This section is here for general information and is not related to this proposal.

  • is a ruby site hosted alone on a VPS. It has a bridge that allows it to post directly to the Hive chain.
  • The bot that writes the automated comments is hosted on an entirely different server and is hands-off. It is commanded only through on-chain interaction.
  • The banlist/blacklist is issued on-chain through commands. They are then parsed and channeled through multiple redundancies to ensure that if any hacking occurs, the list is unaffected.

Additional servers and scripts exist for Cheetah and Spaminator but are not related to this proposal.


You may guess that fighting fraud is not always popular. We have gotten every type of threat and form of harassment. Most users are good people and the educational part of Hivewatchers is perfect for them. However, organized scammers are different. They enter the ecosystem with a clear intent to exploit, scam, deceive, and steal and they create approaches that can rival some corporate business plans to do so. When caught, the fight tooth-and-nail and resort to everything under the sun. Being a member of Hivewatchers is a thankless and dangerous job.


Type of Proposal: Hive service, non-tech operational and labor costs
Technology: Partial OS

Time and Commitment

Hivewatchers is a part-time job at best, full-time job during peak times. Complex investigations, particularly ones involving multiple victims and accounts, can take days. Helping users can take anywhere from a minute to an hour per person. Assisting another project can take an hour or over a day. Processing reports always takes hours. Maintaining the infrastructure takes time. It all adds up.

Average time commitment per 7-day week: approximately 40 hours divided between two people.

40 / 7 = 5.7, rounded up to 6 hours per day, every day of the year.

Previous Funding Model

When Steemcleaners were first created, the community decided to support the project through curation. Individuals outside of the project set up their own trails and upvoted Hivewatchers' posts and comments because they saw value in the project. Unfortunately, in doing that, funds were established as coming out of the communal reward pool.

This continued on Hive but we all realized that it is less than ideal as now, in present time, we have an excellent alternative in the DHF.

Current Ask

We are asking for 65 HBD per day. This ensures our current members and future members are paid for their time and dedication and the service can be supported.

Should the value of the HBD exceed $1 by a noticeable amount, we will refund any overflow back to the DHF.

Project Maturity

Phase 1: Establishment

The project is 4 years old and this phase has long been completed.

Phase 2: Technical Maturity

The Hivewatchers reporting frontend platform, backend processing platform, list servers and all supporting technology have already been funded, paid for and donated by the team.

Phase 3: Evolution and Ongoing Operations

Hivewatchers must continue to operate as per normal while completing this phase. Included in this phase (but excluded from the above funding request) are:

  • Documentation development hours (documentation is ongoing and will be released shortly in due course)
  • Liaison hours
  • Server, script, bot and site upgrades
  • Related servers
    This proposal is to fund the ongoing operations only. All additional task hours or costs will be donated out of pocket but the Hivewatchers team.

If Unfunded

If unfunded, the service will remain with the current funding model and alternatives will be explored.

We are aware that many organized, malicious scammers are eagerly waiting for Hivewatchers to lose funding. However, we will remain committed to delivering our services to the Hive ecosystem in any case. We will never let anything prevent us from stopping an identity thief, among others.

Final Thoughts

Hivewatchers has been around for years in different forms and is always evolving. We appreciate your support, your feedback, your criticism, and your collaboration. Thank you for considering our funding proposal.

Approve Proposal with Hivesigner


Reasonably priced, and valuable service. This is the first line of defense at Hive. I urge the community to support this.

This proposal is almost a year old now. Have you gotten your funding?

Yes it was funded

Ah ok. So continued voting makes sure you retain your funding? I don't know much about this stuff, hence the questions. Thank you in advance.

yeah, generally, that is the idea.

Thank you very much. I appreciate the response and your time.

Definitely support this project. But really? 65HBD for 6hrs work a day? This is ridiculous low amount! I vote for at least double to triple the amount. To have an abuse fighting team is too important for our community not to value this task properly.

For those of you who hate the idea of HW being a “top author”, here’s your chance to divert the fund source.

Act now or forever condone the current model.

Ok guys - I certainly appreciate the work you do to get rid of fraud etc hence my support.

Still need to say - I love the Hive blockchain with some good DApps and Games. I personally am not confident this will be a success story as long as most focus and see Hive as a social media community which rewards content. Repeating myself since a long time - either get rid of the content platform or make the content platform a community board but do not reward people for text etc. We as a community should mainly be interested that the prize of our Hive goes up so all should work on this even without getting rewards for posts.

Thanks so much for your feedback and support.

Thank you for all your work from Steem to Hive! Without you guys, Hive would probably be no where near it is today. I've shared your proposal to my community, the Powerhousecreatives and I hope you guys get funded soon!

Hello. Thank you for your comment and support.
We really appreciate that you share it with your community.

I'm supporting this. We know abuse will happen and need means to combat it.

Supporting this! Good luck guys!

Hey, Gabriela.
Thank you som much!

Considero necesario que haya un equipo que vele por los contenidos originales, contra el plagio y el spam, en la seguridad de que con su aportación, hive será una plataforma mejor y más limpia. Voto a favor de la propuesta. Saludos

Muchas gracias por todo el apoyo y sus comentarios.


I support this proposal, gotta keep the house clean if we are to welcome the world to our home

The value going to the reward pool by stopping scammers and fraudsters far exceeds the cost of this proposal. Excellent value for Hive.

I really appreciate that you explain more about your work with this post/proposal. I think a team like Hivewatchers unfortunately is needed on Hive as spam/plagiarism etc. is definitely an issue. The only main favor I have is that you keep your work open and transparent; you guys do hold a lot of power when you can put people on blacklists and downvote them. As long as you keep this process transparent, I am all for it. So never lose touch with the community and keep us updated.

Hi, thanks for feedback. I am not sure what you mean by transparent. We leave comments on abusive posts and give a reason why someone is blacklisted in blacklist comment. Anyone can just read these comments to see evidence. Our transaction and rewards are also all visible for everyone.
About other accounts that we blacklist, we cannot provide all data because it would helps scammers to dodge being caught and make their abuse easier. Anyone can come to Discord and ask why they are blacklisted. Currently there are almost 75k accounts being blacklisted just by spaminator alone. It shows the amount of abuse.

The screenshot from our spaminator API shows the number of activeley blacklisted accounts.
"Groups" mean that there is more than one account belonging to the same scammer/scammers.


The largest scam group ("dart/constructor") had over 25k accounts (stopped by us a while ago) and then was scamming Steemit's rewards pool worth of thousands of US dollars each week.


👍 your post is what I meant by transparency ;)

Supporting it

Supporting it!

Supporting it!

Supported! Keep up the good work! 💪

Supporting it!

I most certainly endorse this initiative. I have benefitted enormously from the help of Hivewatchers in it's first iteration on the other blockchain. I believe that the work it does protecting intellectual property and the little people on the blockchain is invaluable. Thank you for all your hard work.

I really support this project, but I want to ask here. What if there is an account using an image of his own but has been posted before and write another description. Is that prohibited?

If you use the same photography again by submitting it to curated photography tags, please mention at the top of the new post that this photography was already submitted for curation before and provide the link to previous post. Also, please write brand new thought about photo being used.

Recently my friend did that, but the post was marked by a spaminator, I think it's unfair, because in using the image for a photography contest, because on instragram or other social media, it is possible to use the same picture, as long as it's our own.

You have been explained many times in Discord that Hivewatchers do not do proxy appeals. I really do not understand why your "friend" is not coming to Discord. Discord app works fine both on desktops, as well as smartphones.
Unless you are pretending that it is a "friend" and it is actually your alter account.

he has no discord, he is indeed my friend, why should he pretend. he is a photographer journalist. so he asked me to help him. here I also attached a picture of me with my friend.

if you don't believe, you can see his work in the media on behalf of Rahmad.+

If he has time to very actively post on Hive then he has time to come to Discord and talk.

I want to ask again. Are hivers required to have a discrod account too? why can't you submit an appeal directly on the account comment? is discord part of hive blockchain?

Voted for your purposal ⁦✌️⁩🙏

Thank you :-)

My pleasure sir haven't seen that earlier. 🙏

so 65 hbd a day for logic? nha tnx
I prefer to support spaminator, and wait for a more decentralized project, a single person cannot manage such an important mechanism

you are so strict, man! Hahaha...

Hi, there are many reasons why we decided to stop doing proxy appeals :-)

Seems nice and interesting 🤔 . Wouldn't be more great than this

HiveWatchers is doing a wonderful job and really helping the community become more robust and reliable. They have been doing a commendable job since the start.

I am unaware of any technicalities behind the HW But IMO, manual strategy of blacklisting won't go far in Future. We just have to be prepared for at least 10K to 50K daily active users.

A better way could be removing most of the the manual work and focussing on decentralised blacklist as proposed earlier and help the team deliver it fast.

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It would be nice if you responded to my messages regarding delegating to scammer ctime... :-)


You got my vote

this account has like 5 more accounts
says clean hiver
and he fills his pockets with a fake account, he's like the politician

Por algún error, no se ha publicado mi comentario anterior. Me parece bien que haya un equipo en hive que vele por los contenidos y la originalidad de los autores. De manera, que voto a favor de la propuesta

Hola. Escuché que hay un retraso de 10 segundos adicionales al publicar. Después del último Hard Fork.

Smart attempt to milk dhf. I hope, people are not that stupid to fund it, decentralized blacklists are coming, you and your extremist left agenda (logic/hivewatcher) will be gone forever

Would you mind coming onto Discord or Telegram for a chat? The left agenda part of your comment is untrue. I don't believe in that shit. But I want to talk to you because you've been involved in positive and negative curation for some time, many people message us about you, yet no one ever had a chance to have a chat with you. Just let me know what decentralized platform you want to use.

Just let me know what decentralized platform you want to use.

??? If you are asking me what I would do with spam, here is my answer, decentralized solution:

Pinned on all Hive interfaces community called Report spam (or something similar) where everyone could cross post posts (with a short description) that are spam, plagiarism, identity thief etc. Since community would be pinned, all Hive members would have a quick access to it and would downvote abusers and even upvote a person who cross posted

It is just my idea, probably better ones exist.

I remember @polish-cleaners (4 guys) from my #polish community, they wanted to be “authority” just like steemcleaners/hivewatchers. When they come out with idea to downvote automatically all new posts on #polish, then read them and remove downvotes from the ones they like, I had to destroy it.

I don’t think that centralized body like hivewatchers on decentralized network is a good idea

I don't believe in that shit.

Go through comments on both posts, learn yourself, whom you are working with. Warning: real shit

I have translated for you part of the comment that he wrote in polish language:

However, you can be sure that any accounts you create will be quickly blacklisted. You just made a new enemy for yourself here. Generally, there are not many people standing behind you on the platform and I have not heard of anyone who thinks you are intelligent (except a few fetishists who like anal beads, twisted from your hair and they are licking shit from your anus), including almost all Poles here, regardless on political opinions.

It's a good idea but here's the problem with it: a few years ago we had to entirely remove public reporting because people started receiving threats, in some cases death threats, from those that were reported.

There are many such great ideas for service decentralization. The issue isn't with the ideas but with what type of abusers we have these days. In 2016 we started off with the usual plagiarists and a few scammers. We then got several organized exploitation initiatives, mostly thematic, the complexity of which borders on organized crime levels. Now that plagiarism is fairly routine to detect, we're dealing with a surge in fraud and ID theft. We had a case a while ago where I sat on it for days wondering if me taking action will result in victims being targeted in their homes offline. We had another case, discovered by a curation group, where two people stole the identities of their own family and friends and fabricated fake accounts with their images. One of those was a child. The types of abuse we're discovering is getting worse and worse. No one ever imagined we'd see this when Anyx originally started this project.

We don't blacklist accounts except in the case of specific parameters. What I meant by my message is I'd like to chat with you off chain because in the comments here there's no real way to have a natural conversation. Many people have asked me to connect with you in the past and I think it's a good opportunity now that there's discourse going.

Widać, że klika złodziei pod przykrywką rzekomego pilnowania porządku działa ponownie jak na Steem. Z czasem znaczną bastować malutkich i grabiąc z postów jak to było na steem. Zaczynają tą samą taktykę i wspierany przez te same osoby itd. Historia koło zatacza...

Cytuje fragment: Foto zachowam dla siebie

?logic the head of the corrupt bernie sanders fanclub (steemcleaners)
and in charge of ADM account steempower stolen from the community before launch using exploits
I can't believe the dumb fucker actually posted his own identity

It must have been my first such comment in Polish that I have written on the platform. In general, I don't write much in Polish here so I must have been really annoyed :-) I decided to write in Polish so he could get the point better :-)

No one really knows what his actual opinions are as not many can understand Polish to read his posts, comments and chat conversations.

He is pretty much anti anything that is intelligent and progressive for sustainable future of humanity.

He has been bashing and insulting gay/LGBT, emigrants, feminists, EU and also scientists while spreading conspiracy theories that climate change is a hoax, covid 19 is a hoax (but caused by 5G network), anti vaxxer nonsense, etc (that's why he curates krnel).

What's ironic is that he sees "commies" everywhere but at the same time has supported commie Chinese and Korean shills of Justin Sun.

@logic none of the things you mention above are relevant to the function of Hive Watchers.
They are political opinions (no matter how crazy you think they are).

Hive Watchers is supposed to be about stopping fraud:
-Identity theft
-Identity deception
-Plagiarism (text, image, art)
-Malicious deception
-Phishing/malware links

If someone engages in racial or sexual abuse that is not the job of Hive Watchers - it is the job of individual Hiveans to downvote if they find it unacceptable.

Sadly they ignore every comment like this, I tried to explain logic to logic... but that is a dead-end street once he realizes he has to accept people's opinions who disagree with him, which is VERY illogical...

I just removed my support for any witness that supports this circle jerk a.k.a. pay to play spam moderation.

I'd be curious what the highest level of education most of the admins at hive watcher have with the amount of bias they get away with.