1963 Sears Suburban 725 tractor 🚜

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Hey all a cool project I am about to embark in!

Restoration of this 1963 725 8 HP 🚜! So dope I took some photos to share it’s a bit hard to find the parts so I started off on eBay.

You won’t always find everything. It’s a 50 year old tractor and you are subject to the parts people are selling at any given time. Sometimes you have to wait and continue searching.


The motor is Briggs and Stratton. That will be a separate search...


I am looking to rebuild the motor and transmission of course if I find one of each I’m working condition I will go that route. Once complete I will make sure everything is running and then give it a nice powder coating of paint!


Proof that this was taken by me @chronocrypto


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Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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These old small tractors are sought after quite a lot. For small holdings and the likes the new massive units just dont work. The briggs and stratton engines are great too.