Happy New Year 2021

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Finally, 2020 is over with all its woke craziness, riots, violence, media lies, fake news, fake elections, fake celebrities, fake everything. One thing for sure, peple are waking up en masse, and I hope 2021 will be a cleansing from all the corruption and bullshit.

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Happy New Year

let's hope it's not the same record on repeat, at least they could put the B side on...


Happy New Year!

as they say, hope dies last.

Just reading this. Amen!

Better late than never :)

tries to upvote comment 19 days later


3 days this time! haha

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You should come to Blurt. They fixed all the problems plaguing all the other Blogchains.... see you over there .... https://Blurtter.com

I barely have time to blog here. Also, I powered down and sold all my BLURT a while ago. We'll see, maybe I'll give it a try later.

I grew my 6,000 Blurt ( from the Steemit airdrop) into almost 300,000 Blurt sharing my Artwork, videos, music on Blurt. If It goes back to 11 cents it will be my best non-investment into crypto ever.

They got spam attacked by a few extremely bitter Hive whales a few times ... and made some very good upgrades to their system. They will also migrate to the Cosmos Blockchain and give everyone with Blurt a good airdrop... so exciting developments coming on Blurt.

I totally missed this but happy new year... it carries for me the same inertia of 2020 but fighting hard against it hahah