Some Impression from Corse - France from 2007

In Summer 2007 i visted the island of Corse in France for a summer holiday for 2 weeks. We enjoyed a very nice warm weather there and did a lot of hiking trips as well enjoyed the sea. Corse is a nice Island where you can combine exploring old history and enjoy the beauty of the Island and the nature there. It is a great Island for hiking trips and if you want to go on a swimming holiday this is also a good place for it. The Sea is very beautiful and in summer it is hot enough to cool down in the colder seawater.

Korsika 2007 (43).JPG
Palm tree in Corse. Picture: Florian Glechner.

Corse has a lot to offer, a lot of very beautiful landscape, mountains, small forests and the sea. I found several old Cork trees growing there. We got there by ferry and this is probably the number one way to get to this island. I was also learning french my first year and I finally was able to use a bit of it in real life. It was funny and good for my ego. Back then I enjoyed swimming in the Sea and in the pool the most the hiking trips I did with my parents where a bit exhausting in the hot weather and I was always looking forward to the swimming stops at the sea.

Back then I only had my Point and shoot Camera from Olympus so don't expect photograpic masterpieces.

Here are some more Impressions of this beautiful Island:

Korsika 2007 (95).JPG

Korsika 2007 (97).JPG

Korsika 2007 (141).JPG

Korsika 2007 (169).JPG

Korsika 2007 (193).JPG

Korsika 2007 (80) (edited).jpg

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Korsika 2007 (106).JPG


Point and shoot Olympus did did a great job for you...