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Yesterday my son's homeschool curriculum arrived and we were able to dive in. It showed up in a couple of very plain looking boxes, but we knew the amazingness that awaited us on the inside.



Evan wanted to share the magic moment with his sister who is 21 and lives a couple blocks away from us. So we packed the boxes into the truck and headed to her house.

There, Evan ever so carefully cut the tape holding the boxes closed, with a butter knife.

*See Luna, my daughter's kitty cat. She was interested as well. 😁

Once through the tape and the box flaps flipped back Evan began flying through the contents. It was tough to keep up with him as I attempted to take pictures. He was so excited!!


Evan does best learning when he hears the lesson and when it is presented in a visual manner as well. So to capitalize on that I got him the kit that is set up that way.


Last year his favorite subject was science and this year he seems to be on that same path. I got him an interactive lesson book so it is more hands on and along with his main science studies I also got him a science experiment kit so we can have some extra fun!!!



Evan is very right brained and has yet to hit an interest in reading traditional books. However, that being said, of what reading he did last year his one book he did enjoy reading was his "Story of the World" history book. So in an attempt to keep this bit of reading going we ordered the next book in the series.


To help peak his reading curiosity I ordered him a selection of books that I believe offer a good variety for him to choose from.



The only thing Evan enjoyed about writing last year was learning cursive. I believe he enjoyed it so much because it is art-like and he took a lot of pride in his cursive assignments each day.


Anyway, due to his lack of interest in last year's writing curriculum, I ordered a different set this year. This set is aimed at kids that aren't the best writers or that lack interest in the subject. I'm hopeful for him showing more interest this year.


It even came with idea starters for writing. They are written on little cards and they go inside the box... Can't think of what to write about, simply draw a card.

*We have already made it into a fun "get to know you better" game...draw a card, and everyone takes turns answering the question.😁😁 It's fun!!!


Along with all the awesome stuff that came in the box, we also get access to a very good set of online curriculum courses. I have just started looking at all the stuff there and it's looking great this year! I only get a few gigs of data o month on my internet, so I'm hopeful the site isn't going to use too much data. Regardless, we will make it work one way or another of course!


One of the great benefits of blockchain technology, especially Hive, is the immutable record it allows us to create. Evan will be tracking his daily lessons and progress in the same manner as last year, with one exception. He will be creating his educational tracker blogs to his Hive and Steemit accounts instead of just Steemit. We do this in case we should ever run into issues with any governmental entities that may question our homeschooling. Should that happen, I will simply direct them to his blog as I tell them to have a good day.😁😁


That's it for today. Thanks, as always for taking a moment of your day to hang out with us. And to all our friends and family that are always sharing so much if their love and support, we want to say a millions thanks and offer hugs of appreciation!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 Thank you all so much!!!!

@Samstonehill, you recently talked briefly about the possibility of homeschooling your clildren, so I'd love you to be able to see a glimpse inside our homeschooling adventure as it begins this year. We love you friend!🤗


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Thanks a million!!😍 I truly appreciate it, as every bit helps us with our homestead and anymore money is really tight. Huge hugs to you @minismallholding!!!

Glad to be able to do so. 💚

Que buena idea de utilizar esta tecnología para animar el aprendizaje a ti hija Evan, donde expondrá en blogs sus conocimiento, como va progresando en sus materias. Lo comparto en mi cuenta me gusto tu post.

Maybe as of now he doesn't like writing yet. How about drawing my friend or an art that may fun for children. But whatever he likes I know you'll support it anyway.

Kepp safe my friend.

Hey there dear brother! He is slowly opening up to reading and writing. I'm hoping the books i got him, he will like. And so far, he seems to. How are you doing my friend?

That's good to hear brother. I'm doing fine, my training just started days ago so I can apply a job related to my course.

Keep safe and your family brother.

Great to see you working around his needs. That is what matters the most.

My system is rather more freestyle at the moment:

But eventually I will go this route and buy a bunch of helpful books. Where are you getting these education packs from?

I have saw your approach as i have been following your blog. I love it! I get my school supplies from curriculum express. I order it on line. They do a pretty good job I think! Thanks for swinging by!🤗 I send my love to your family my dear friend.